Good reliable inexpensive motion sensor for homey 2.0

as per q. dont need anything except normal motion .

Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee from Aliexpress


Very fast, does not cost a lot

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Same experiences here!

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IKEA motion sensor. I do have Xiaomi as wel.
The IKEA one you can stick it flat to the wall and adjust the time it is ‘hot’. But but but, i use it via a Philips hue bridge. Is there a app in Homey directly?
You could use a pir and wemos mini d1 and tasmota for about 6 euro if your in to that.

I use Philips Hue motion sensors, not inexpensive maybe but can be found for about 30 EUR. Neat design make them fit everywhere and I get luminance and temperature “for free”.

2 Likes Even cheaper at this reseller.

nice. does it work with 2.0?

The main worry I have is that I am 100% zwave based. So if
I add a zigbee will it work?

I assume the mesh wont be strong? Any hints on distance?

another Dumb question do I need a xiaomi gateway or is Homey enough ?

  • Yes it works with 2.0 and no gateway is required, you should install
  • You should invest in Zigbee Mesh (Ikea Tradfri Wall outlet???). Neither Z-Wave or Zigbee range is great in native homey. you could think about doing the antenna upgrade discussed in this forums (search Homey Antenna Mod).

I have enforced concrete ceilings, the Zigbee signal on other floors needs routers to reach homey. If you don’t want to invest in wireless technology I guess you should stick with Z-wave. Neo has some motion sensors +/- 35 euros.

My setup is:

  • Homey in the Livingroom
  • Ikea Tradfri Wall Socket near staircase (groundfloor) 9,99 euros
  • Ikea Tradfri Wall Socket near staircase (1st floor) 9,99 euros
  • Xiaomi Motion Sensor on 1st floor 12 euros

Each hop is within 5 meter range, my experience is very fast and reliable. Ikea has released a repeater (router) device but is not yet available in the netherlands (Germany I believe) and is not (yet) supported by homey.

This setup is still cheaper than many Z-wave motion sensors, and it jumpstarts your Zigbee Mesh.

Neo coolcam sensor. With the great Neo app made by @m.ruiter it’s a winner!

I got two sensors from Ikea. They’re not that good. The aqara I recently switched to are great.

yes I’m so impressed by their door sensors I got x2

That’s a bit overpriced :slight_smile:


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thanks. yeah my house is small one floor but even then with
zwave switches all over the house zwave coverage a bit iffy
at corners of my toilet.

I may just try zigbee motion sensors in my living room where Homey is.

I am wondering if x2 enough to cover the living room

wow it’s pretty cheap when I buy from Asia. (around13 euro)… almost same price as xiaomi motion sensor

hmm looks like v2 has a temperature sensor. not that I need it.

wonder the cheap ones I’m looking for are v1 or 2

Plz be aware u don’t buy the WiFi versions!

thanks… let me look again… maybe that why it’s so cheap

edit thanks for warning was indeed the wifi version. !!

Just searched in my order history this is the exact one I ordered:

And my experience is great, this one only has motion detecten and luminance.

Let me report and give thanks to advice given.

The Aquara motion sensors are amazing for price. Responsive t, super wide angle compared to the pricey aeotec 6 in 1 motion sensors I hve

I went to buy more and now have x4!

A slight problem is I also accidently bought a xiaomi
body motion sensor. Do you happen to know if is supported.

The other drawback is lack of zigbee mesh means they don’t work well except in living room where my homey is…

So I might actually buy zigbee smart plugs to help?

I see a sale for a neo coolcam motion zwave sensor.

But it says NAS-PD02Z PIR. Doesn’t say if it is EU. Is
NAS-PD01ZE the Euro one?