Good reliable inexpensive motion sensor for homey 2.0

Please share the link, i think more ppl are interested in buying cheap… :+1::wink:

It is even available for less: Other link

It’s very cheap on sale about 11 USD. But I looked closer and it said

908.4 mhz which is US frequency?

Don’t know where you are looking, but it says: Capture

I see Roco removed his link, the one on my link went up in price in the mean time… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

From my sample of 3 different sensors models, including zwave, the best price / performance goes to Aqara body sensor. They seem to be reasonably sensitive and rarely loose signal to homey (while other devices such as hue bulbs and dimmer remotes do).

It goes without saying that you should order them at AliExpress (and not in Europe). There are deals for about 9€ if you buy three or more.

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