Aqara Vibration Sensor sensitivity level

Is there any way to change the vibration alarm threshold/sensitivity? I have two deviecs and find that the sensor only reacts to very hard vibrations. Sensitivity can be changed in Xiaomi’s own smart home gateway/hub but I haven’t found it under settings in homey.
Any suggestions?

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Someone knows this? I am also interested

Yes, there is.
I’ve created an issue for it at the apps issue tracker.

Details of how to do it for Home assistant is here:

The original forum post where it was discovered and discussed is in the second link.

The code was gleamed from the Smartthings integration.

Values to set in the ZigBee attribute are 1, 11 and 21 for settings low, medium and high.

Please upvote my issue at GitHub(the first link) if this is an important feature for you too