Version v10.3.0-rc.5 really buggy

Version v10.3.0-rc.5 really buggy. Does anyone knows when the next stable release is?
I want to disable experimental updates after the next stable version :slight_smile:

Only Athom knows…

If you like you can revert to the latest stable firmware by connecting Homey via the USB-tool and then choose “update software”.
Keep a cloud backup at hand if needed after updating.


It works for me, what is broken for you?

Additional: And prior to that, disable “experimental updates” per if I got it right :wink:


Klikaanklikuit not always responding, ikea lights (zigbee) slow/not responding. unresponsive zigbee.
Did a revert, everything works again.

Zigbee and Thread use the same radio, so my guess is that the enabled Thread support in 10.3.0 might be causing issues.

Some interesting reading here: Home Assistant SkyConnect (the HA SkyConnect dongle uses the same chip as Homey does)

TL;DR: when Zigbee and Thread are both enabled, they have to share the same channel and the bandwidth. Together with the same frequency also being shared by other protocols (WiFi, BLE, Classic Bluetooth), I wonder if Zigbee and Thread being enabled at the same time in Homey is ever going to be a viable solution for anything but the smallest of networks.