Usb powered - pir-motion or tilt sensor


any recommendations for either pir/motion sensor or tilt sensor that can be usb powered

for use inside a mailbox, so it needs to be small in size.

already tested this, but it was not recognized as a known/supported device

fe This one?

For the Tuya Smart ZigBee 3.0 Pir Bewegingssensor
Contribute to the [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App to get it supported. but seeing the picture it looks like it is already supported in the Test version Tuya Zigbee | Homey

thanks for the tip

tested the test version of the app. but the sensor was not identified.

i see multiple other threads now for the same device.

looks like it could be supported, but it can also be a rip-off on AliExpress that’s not working.

The manufacturer ID of yours doesn’t match ID’s in the PR you’re linking to. It doesn’t matter if devices look similar (or even exactly the same) to devices that are supported already, if the ID’s don’t match the device isn’t supported.

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any suggestion for another device?

At least not a TuYa device, with those you can never be certain that it’s supported.

If you are able to perform CLI install, try my fork of Johann’s work (GitHub - shaarkys/com.tuya.zigbee) and try to install it as “Smart PIR Motion Sensor”

CLI install - [HOW TO] CLI install method (after you download ZIP from GitHUB, unpack it and don’t forget to run npm install inside the downloaded and extracted folder)

Any reason for USB powered device ?
Anyway, I implemented Radar sensor ZY-M100-S/L (_TZE204_sxm7l9xa) , which is USB powered and also work with my fork but size might be your issue. Link to review of that sensor - Tuya ZigBee Human Presence Sensor ZY-M100 Review - SmartHomeScene

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Battery powered devices does not work well in the winter.
But a good powerbank have worked for me outdoors in the winter.

OK I will look into the fork.

There’s few usb powered sensors
Aeotec multisensor 6 or 7 can be an idea. It’s a zwave device.
Powering by USB is possible

Only the operating temp is not below 0°C, but the Tuya sensor you picked had the same lower limit btw.

It’s supported by the Homey Aeotec app.

thank you, yes i am considering that device as well.
also a door and window sensor with usb could also work.

i have mostly z-wave devices 70+, and the overall range is also better than zigbee.

OK, having a zwave mesh alr is even better.
About the 0°C limit: for over 3 years, I have several standard Tuya and Sonoff devices outdoors (protected from water/ moist from above) and in my non-heated shed, all survived several winter days with -18° C as coldest
It’s worth to take the “gamble” imho.

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the gamble is getting a device that is actually supported out of the box.

Haha, no one knows, but it almost can’t be worse than the Tuya zigbee devices & Homey zigbee combo.

Hi Erlend,
Reg battery: I have two hue outdoor motion sensors outside and one telldus door sensor ( EAN: 7330985151101 ) in an uninsulated shed, and none of them have changed the battery in over a year. They are all with AA batteries.

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hi, ok thank you. i have had various battery powered devices outdoor, but during winter we can have periods where the temp dips down to -25-30 and then most batteries gives up, tested many different brands.

but i used a power bank for the tilt sensor for my previous garage door opener, that did work.

Copy that.
I am in Drøbak. -20 is the lowest in this area.
Powerbanks is probably li-po. You might try a reodor felgen solution with a usb converter from 5v to 3v or whatever your device uses and solder onto the battery terminals. You find them on aliexpress.

yes i did have to use a usb 5v>>>3v converter for the tilt sensor, soldered to the battery terminals
i think i have 1-2 left, from AliExpress