[Comparing] Motion sensors (PIR)

Fiddling around with some motion sensors I found that the different brands/types provides cplete different capabilities/options/etc.

Although some info is available in (online) manuals, shops or maybe compare sites (fe Sensoren - Producten vergelijken - Tweakers ), I often mis a lot of crucial details for a good selection.
(fe configurable blind time, function of the light sensor, etc)

Does anyone have a good source for info of should we create it our self?
(related to the use on Homey)

Having four complete different PIRs I will start to see if the community can extend this with useful info about different devices/types/brands.

  • Klik-Aan Klik-Uit (APIR-2150 & AWST-6000)
  • Aqara & Xiaomi
  • IKEA Trådfri
  • NEO Coolcam (NAS-PD03ZE, Motion Sensor V3)

Let me know what you think and if you have other type to add.
I will create another Topic to discuss and maintain this topic to keep this just with the info and the facts about different brands/types.


Here my comparison chart up till now.

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The KAKU (an old one I have)


Aqara & Xiaomi

IKEA Trådfri

Not sure if configuring Day/Night and Ligh/Low Light intensity still works paired direct with Homey (or only thru the Bridge)

NEO Coolcam

Showing the NAS-PD03ZE, Motion Sensor V3. Not sure it differs a lot with previous versions in construction or functionality. Let me know and I will update this post with provided info.

The extensif set of available configuration options:

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Fibaro Motion Sensor (FGMS-001, Z-Wave)

Available configuration options:

Philio PIR Motion Sensor (PSP05, Z-Wave)

Available configuration options:

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I’ve personally had very good experience with these… Besides having extremely long battery life also seem to have good range and rarely get any false triggers .

We’re $5.90 AUD each inc shipping when I ordered some last year. Not sure what that is in other countries. (If you buy x 10)

Has no online battery monitoring but they flash at you when they get low… I’d estimate they only need a battery change every 3 years.

AU $22.25 15% Off | 433MHz Wireless Infrared Detector Below 10kg PET Immune Wireless 1527 Code For Our Wifi / GSM / PSTN Home Security Alarm

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But are you also connecting those to Homey, and if so what app do you use to connect them? I can’t find a niwoolf app.

I use a SonOff-RF bridge to communicate with them.

It’s been flashed with Tasmota. It’s also had an extra firmware added called Portisch. This gives a lot more control and allows it to capture or send raw data if you ever need to. The RF bridge just acts as a listening / transmit device only. It just listens to RF traffic and converts it into MQTT messages. Likewise when also when transmitting.

From there I use MQTT client in Homey (via flows) to either listen to or transmit certain RF commands…

For devices such as motion sensors, buttons , contract sensors and fire alarms etc etc that just transmit data I create a flow to listen for the unique ID code for that particular device

See example .

For transmitting commands to RF devices I use a flow to send raw code to the RF bridge via MQTT…

Can also create Virtual Devices through these methods.

I’ve found most times you don’t need an app for RF gear if you have the ability to learn , or have the ability to send out raw code . I’ve found cheap Chinese gear is very easy to work with as they mostly only use the one RF chipset and protocol. The more exotic and expensive brands can be harder to deal with but using RAW code seems to get around them.

This method can’t deal with rolling codes though. If Homey had its own in built learning APP :grin: then some rolling codes could be possible. Not all , but could work with some cheaper products.

If a manufacturer truly wants their gear to be truly secure no aftermarket product will be able to learn their rolling codes and only their physically encrypted hardware will work with their stuff. For things such as garage roller doors sometimes you have to physically tap into the buttons on the controller inside the garage you want to gain control …

My favourite is the AEOTEC Multisensor 6.

I have 2 of these and one Neo Coolcam and the Multisensor 6 is by far the best. I have mine mains powered via a USB charger as they provide much faster response and no need to worry about batteries, but they can run off CR123A if required. Battery life is about the same as the Neo Coolcam.
They can also be ceiling mounted using the optional recessor. I have one mounted this way and it is hardly noticeable in the hallway.

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Super initiative! :slight_smile:
How about adding Phillip Hue Outdoor motion sensor?

RE : AEOTEC Multisensor 6.

Those sound like they would be ideal if trying to control out door lighting…

In the past bought:

Philips HUE Indoor + Outdoor

The winners based on my experiences are Philips HUE Indoor + Outdoor in the categories:

Battery life
App support (HUE Gateway + Homey directly)
Multi Hub (HUE + Homey)
Material quality

I agree, great sensors, plenty additional information next to the motion capability. But usb power is a must in my opinion, it just burns batteries. In the end I replaced one which used 2x CR123a each half year by a Xiaomi Aqara which runs 1,5 years on a CR2340 so if motion detection is all you need I’d go for a Xiaomi.


I thought the meaning of this topic was to compare motion sensors. Saying they are cheap and battery lasts long is not enough for the charts. How about blind time and configurable sensitivity and stuff like that needed?


Good point Roco.
Aeotec Mutisensor 6 has:

  • 5 sensitivity levels.
  • Motion cancelation time between 10 and 3600 seconds.
  • No blind time, but I don’t know what that is.
  • Reports temperature.
  • Reports Liminance
  • Reports UV
  • Reports Humidity
  • Has a tamper alarm
  • Reports battery status, but not sure how accurate it is as I use it on a 5v PSU.
  • Has offset calibrations for Temperature, Humidity, Luminance and UV.
  • Programmable update interval
  • Threshold dependent updates so new values are only sent when they changed by a specified amount.

I am interested in experience about the Neo Coolcam v4 (NAS-PD07Z).

You are absolutely right. This thread is becoming a discussion thread rather than a comparison thread. That makes the thread large and confusing.
@Dijker, what is your opinion on this?

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