Experiences with motion sensors

I am aware that there are a lot of topics on this subject with questions about individual sensors, but I’m having a hard time finding what I need, which is why I am shouting out. (if the moderators think I shouldn’t, please remove/lock this thread and please let me know you did so)

I am currently looking for motion sensors, and I was wondering what people’s experiences are. What are the downsides/weaknesses of the item(s) you chose. How did you work around them (if applicable).

So here is my MoSCoW list (Note: The price isn’t that important. I’m not buying 50 of them :slight_smile: )
Must have:

  • Zwave or Zigbee (no 433, bluetooth or wifi)
  • Reliable (keeps working)
  • Fast response
  • No Ali-Express (etc) grade stuff/clones/etc

Should have:

  • Accurate: No to very low false positives/negatives
  • Good range (al least 5 meters ‘in practice’ so not only on paper)

Could have:

  • Additional metrics like light value/temperature

Would have:

  • Discrete
  • Option for permanent power source

What I found myself are:

  • Fibaro motion sensor V2 Z-Wave Plus (but I don’t think that one is supported?)
  • Aeonlabs Multisensor 6 (appearently has ‘limited’ support?)
  • Neo Coolcam sensor
  • Philips Hue sensor (Seems quite large)


Reliable, no temperature.

What exactly is missing according support ?

Neo Coolcam Z-Wave

Not a clue. robbshop puts it down as ‘beperkt’. They also have a remark that motion up to Homey 2.0 isn’t reliable. But I don’t know if they mean that with ‘beperkt’ (if they do, it feels wrong, since 2.0 is our four quite some time now)

But given your specific response, i take it you’re a happy user? Any ‘could be betters’ to your opinion?

Looks interesting for outside. Seems a bit bulky for inside. I’ll keep it in mind.

I had one of those a year ago. Worked nice, but, would send the “no motion” every x time, even when there was no motion detected in between. Kind of flooded some logbooks (like heimdall) . I sold mine so I’m not sure if this is still the case.

The fibaro tend to miss some motions in my setup and the tamper still gets stuck.

I’m very pleased with my neo coolcams.

i have an aeotec multi 6.
Only thing that i can’t comment on is its UV light capabilities as it is in a room without windows.
Motion, lux, temp & humidity are working ok & Reliable for me.
i have the sensor is on USB power, so no idea if there is a difference when battery powered.

I know this topic is a bit old, don’t know if you are still looking for responses, but:

  • I had the Fibaro motion sensor, it is terrible with homey. Impossible to turn off the LED, it fails to communicate with Homey even when it’s 4 meters away, if it does work it’s range is about 2 meters.

  • Neo Coolcam, seems to at least work but does only motion detection, no tamper alert, etc.

  • Aeotec multi, only have that since a day to test with, has about 6m detection range with a 120 degree angle. I think the information on RobbShop is outdated as it only had limitations on the <2.0 version of Homey.

  • I see a lot of positive reviews about the Aqara motion sensors. I hope the Aeotec keeps working fine as it is Z-Wave, but if this seems unreliable as well I’m switching to those to test.