Motion detector without battery

For controlling the lamps at home I am using some Fibaro motion sensors. They are driven by batteries but the life time of the batteries is to short and I would like to change them to a motion detector without batteries.

I need the motion detection and the luminosity (lux).
Any ideas?

Aeotec multisensor6.

Or Xiaomi motion sensors, which last for ages on a single coin cell. Mine have been in constant use for over a year now (used in rooms where people move in and out of all the time) and battery level is still reported to be 100%.

Thank’s but any other proposal, I don’t feel very safe having an USB adapter connected on 230V 24/7 (risk for fire)?

So no battery and no usb?

Yes if it exist… so 230V

That 230V will be bucked to 5V or 3.3V internally in the device anyway, so if you use a good brand USB power supply I don’t see the additional risk (also because a PIR sensor won’t use a lot of power).

Ok. Any USB good brand proposal?

Apple makes good power supplies (although they’re pricey, but I must have 3 or 4 iPhone chargers lying around at my house so perhaps you too), and any other brand-name power supply will be fine too (Samsung, HTC, etc). Well-known “accessory” brands can be trusted too, like Belkin.

Always buy from reputable stores so you know you’re buying the real deal and not a fake.

The same goes for USB cables…

Does the fibaro have interval settings?
I have a hue motionsensor. It allows you to change the min update intervals.

Lowering the update interval increases the battery life.
Lowering the lux update interval to 5 min…
Make sure to increase them for all readings (motion, lux, temp, etc)
The ones you do not use can be increased even more