Fibaro Motion Senor Lux updates

I have been having some issues with the LUX value of my motion sensors. Basically they aren’t reporting any changes back to Homey, regardless of motion detection or light changes.
Currently they are showing 270 lx, 8 days ago! and Motion, few seconds.
Under light specific, which I have changed to 50 from the default 200 but that doesn’t make much difference

I’ve looked at the parameters and also come across something strange! the text description seems to say parameter 60 (it should be 40) - which is for temperature. I’m hoping this is just a description bug.

Anyone have any ideas / advice?

After changing from 200 to 50, did wake up the sensor before pressing the :white_check_mark: button?

Also, it pays to check the developer page for the touting of this specific sensor, if too many hops can it can be Homey is missing some data exchange.

I’ve set myself be to 5 as I need a fast response and it never misses a beat.

I did wake the device up during update, yes. Checked the developer page, 4 hops.
Other devices have same and reporting fine.

Maybe just to overrule that the sensor’s lux is working, I may suggest you try get the sensor close to Homey, perform a heal in the developer page (that should get rid of all the hops) and see if lux changes.

Cool Thanks, not tried or dealt with the heal function before!
I have tried that and seems to be better - I’ll monitor and check in the next few hours.

Since this sensor is battery powered, don’t forget to wake it up before you press “Heal”. Else, no heal will happen.

Right, just tried this and after the heal the device was reporting changes while I was walking up the stairs (I have a flow that reports it to my mobile)…so far so good!

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