Hue motion sensor question

I have a question about the Hue indoor motion sensor. This one stopped about 2 weeks ago. Removed him from the network. New batteries and a reset did not help and pairing was no longer possible. and cleaned it up. Now I have installed Homey version 5.0 and wanted to connect it again. This went well, only the motion notification no longer worked. But when I put my hand in front of the lux sensor, this changed within 5 seconds. I had also set that in the app. 5 seconds.
Now it turns out that I had not been doing really well and had kept pressing the wrong button on the motion sensor. When you have the lid off there are 2 buttons.
So now reset with the right button. Paired with Homey and the motion sensor is working again.
Only the red LED no longer lights up during movement, but the detector works. And the change of the lux value now only takes place after about 6 minutes. Even if I adjust it in the Homey app.

Anyone any idea what the function of the button on the motion sensor with the letter T is? The other is called Setup.

Which homey app are you using?
Via hue bridge or direct connection to homey?

I have several hue indoor motion sesnors connected via a hue bridge to homey.
One does not show the led (thought it was a defect)
Never bothered to find out why, so unfortunately dont have the answer…

I use the Homey app directly without the hub… And the sensor is working. But no red led (is no problem)

From what I understand it’s a transmission test button.

The LED is “silent” in Firmware 5 by design. I am considering adding the option to choose what kind of behavior the unit should have, depending on the firmware level of the device it can act as an occupancy sensor or a motion sensor. Right now it’s hard coded as motion sensor.

Can you explain the difference in behaviour?

Ok, thank you. A test button. But any idea how it works? Or is it only for the Hue app?

But before I reset the sensor and added it by inserting the batteries, the lux sensor responded within 5 seconds. And not now. So something had changed.
No idea what.

A Motion Sensor sends a command to Homey when it detects motion. A timer is then used to reset the alarm after x seconds.

An Occupancy Sensor sends a command to Homey when it detects motion and a new command when there is no more motion detected. No timer is used.