Homey and Hue Motion Sensors

Hello, I just discovered Homey today and have been doing some research to see if it meets all my requirements with regards to logic. I am having trouble finding info on Homey using the Hue motion sensors within logic. I see very old posts with issues. Does it work well with this device now?

A typical scenario for me would be, if motion detected in kitchen and lux < 23 , turn on the lights. When motion detected, turn off the lights. I am currently only trying the free iPhone app at the moment. Lights are showing up but no motion devices from Hue.

Something like that. I use 5+ Hue motion devices in my home so not really interested in replacing them.
Anyone have thoughts or opinion on this device with Homey?

In the App store you can find all the devices that can work with Homey-pro

Maybe this is a useful example for a motion driven light with a lux condition (from this post):

Appreciate the responses but I don’t have the PRO. Just using the iPhone app with subscription.

Also, I have already installed the hue app from the App Store.

That means you have Homey (Cloud), which doesn’t support Hue sensors (only lights and plugs). For sensor support you need a Homey Pro.

Thank you Robert. Appreciate the clarification.