A button without batteries

In my home i have Fibaro dimmers. Lights are directly connected to those dimmers.
I can enter the room through 2 doors. The dimmer is near one door.
If you enter the room through the other door, i would like to have a wall switch there without batteries.
A bit like the GAMMA | KlikAanKlikUit Wandschakelaar AWST-8800 kopen? | schakelaars but without batteries. I do have 240v behind the socket and try to avoid having to change batteries every month somewhere.

Any tips?

I am not sure if I have understood the current requirements correctly.
Before you installed the Fibaro dimmer on one door, were you able to turn the lights on/off from both doors?
If so, then it should be possible to do a the two-way connection:

Switch/Button without batteries:
Switches that support EnOcean do not need a battery. However, they are not compatible with Homey.
The Fibaro Walli controller can be operated with 5-24V DC. But for this you need an appropriate power supply.
This is probably not very helpful, sorry. Maybe someone else has some tips.

Thanks for the reply.
It is not a switching problem. The fibaro dimmer works.
I was thinking more like: I place an empty switch near the other door (just a switch, not a dimmer) and when you tap that switch, a flow in Homey switches on the fibaro.

The question was, what switch does exist that works on 240v.

This could be an option:

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Okay, i guess we don’t understand each other… :wink:

If you want to start some flows with a switch (powered by 240 V) only and and no consumer is connected to the switch, you can use e.g. a Fibaro Single Switch 2 or a Fibaro Smart Module. Both are able to start different scenes/flows by tapping the switch 1x, 2x, 3x, held down, release.

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Thanks! That helps.

If both are Z-Wave no flows are needed.
I would prefer to use associations between Fibaro switch and Fibaro Dimmer.

There are switches without batteries but they work not directly with Homey.
They work with the Hue hub. And if that works with Homey, I have also no idea.
I found this. https://community.homey.app/t/frinds-of-hue/44922/5

FYI the AWST switches work for years on one battery :wink:


I had the same idea however in Ronalds example he wants to control the same actuator over 2 switches. In that case if you use associations one switch doesn’t know state of the ligh i.e. So You click to turn it off while switch sends on, then you need to click again to send off.

Anyway I had similar ideas and fully discarded those. Only way is to find zwave switch that has on and off buttons (similar to heatit) and then when you push off it send associated off and vice-versa. No out of sync can happen there.

The out of sync issue can be solved by a flow.
Since you can reda the status of a switch, i can change the status of the other switch.
But your example will work fine also and does the trick.
On tap switch state.

Good idea, thanks.

Indeed with flows there is no issues. I was describing situations in which associations are used without flow or homey interventions.

id ropped the quastion at @ROBBshop and they helped.
The solution i am going to try since i have walli dimmers and looks are important:
I ordered this one at robbsjop. The walli controller: https://www.robbshop.nl/en/fibaro-walli-controller-wireless-switch-white
Powered by this one https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B078Q2ZMPT/ref=pe_28126711_487805961_TE_item?th=1
I could not find the measurements so i hope it fits :slight_smile:

If you try this, don’t forget not to use the fibaro battery powered. Once powerd by battery, you have to unpair the switch to switch to external power.

I will post my findings.

This was also one of my suggestions:


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Ah, When i looked at Fibaro switch i found the one that you could connects lights by wire to. They all look the same :slight_smile: They call it the walli controller.

I hope the power supply i ordered will work and fits in the wall. It is not that expensive, so we will see.

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It fits. Now let’s see if it works :slight_smile:

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It fits. A bit of soldering and it works. You can see it work here: FilesOnline

So i used these parts:
The walli controller: https://www.robbshop.nl/en/fibaro-walli-controller-wireless-switch-white
Powered by this one https://www.amazon.nl/dp/B078Q2ZMPT/ref=pe_28126711_487805961_TE_item?th=1

No battery needed, same look as the other switches and now i can create flows to switch other switches en set statuses and colors.

Thanks for all the tips

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Hi, i have installed the controller on an external power supply, but can’t change the led color in flows. can you do that?

You’re not the only one with this issue, please have a look at this discussion (only German).
So I guess this is a bug in the Fibaro app. I have 2 Fibaro Walli Controller in use, but battery powered, and I can’t change the LED color also. Of course, not via flow but by changing the LED settings in the advanced device settings after waking up the device.
Could you please contact Athom, hoping that they fix this issue.