Help: which built-in motion sensor to buy

I’m looking for motion sensors that communicate with Homey. The wishes are:

  • built-in ceiling
  • permanently connected to electricity (no batteries)

These motion sensors must switch the light plan on and off. The majority of the lamps are Philip Hue, but not all.

Which sensors do you recommend?

I found:

However, this sensor requires a USB power supply. Regular nutrition is preferred. I live in the Netherlands.

Thanks for your help!

Not built-in but this might do the trick:

for DIY i can recommend sonoff basic + PIR or Radar Modul
pretty easy to build and very cheap :slight_smile: its not a perfekt solution but nice to play with

Radar modul : RCWL-0516
PIR modul : HC-SR501
Sonoff Wlan: Sonoff Basic
app: Sonoff app
and you are free to use other transmitter e.g. for z-wave

I went the usb route with an Aeotec sensor and stepped down the power.

At another property of mine an electrician used a USB Charger Grid Module.