Update to 3.2.1 and fatal issues with AN179 units

Hi all,
My Homey automatically updated to 3.2.1 (from 3.2.0) early this morning.
Very unfortunately I now have a number of Nexa AN179 that no longer work.
The units show up ok in the app but with a red warning triangle and indicating “unit is not available”.
My other units, mainly Telldus TZWP-102, all work OK and have not been affected by the update.
Any ideas?
Is there a way to reverse to 3.2.0?
Any tips welcome due to a shortly upcoming travel away from home.
Thanks in advance.

Same here “Nexa/everspring” an179 not availibale after update.

Same with Horstmann Secure

I do have the same for my Zigbee and NEO devices. (red triangles by the devices)
A long PtP helped

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What is a PtP ?

Pull the Plug. (trek de stekker)
for about 15 minutes

Someone wrote a nice post about it.

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Thanks, will try …

Still not working after PtP …

Up and running! Restarted the associated app (Everspring) inside Homey and the AN170 units came online again. Thanks all!


Tnx for info. Up and running here as well

Ok, work again​:smiley::+1:
Reload the app an everything is ok.

Same problem with some Fibaro devices and all my Neo Coolcam PIR.

Further study learns me that all battery operated devices (most of them are PIR’s) only work when in close range of homey self, no routing through mesh system. Also a lot of devices who are not working, have a route through devices that do not exist and are not working eather. Any idee how to reset the routings? I pulled to plug 2 times (15 min) and changed to a stronger USB outlet, but so far no result. Athom???

I’m seeing similar strange behaviour with Aqara and Aeotec devices since the update. Sometimes can connect, but mostly not. Remove a device and try to re-pair it, and it fails. But can still add news device that were not paired before. But then even the newly paired devices are intermittent. They are closeby the Homey hub (10m) and never had issues before

Yesterday, since I was away from home for most part of the day a pulled the plug again and then in the evening I started homey again. It took 30 min at least, but all device came back online and are working again.

I had similar issues after last week’s update. A reboot of Homey and the IKEA bridge resolved my issues

I do an automatic reboot every Monday night and this morning I had the same with all my 30 Aqara nodes, only battery nodes.
A PtP helped luckily.
To me it seems like it has to do with the last update from #Athom.

I cannot remember when, but a few days back and after update to 3.2.1, ALL my devices had warnings and NO flows was working (my fish didn’t get any sleep for a couple of days :-)) - finally I did a reboot and everything is back to normal.

Just my 2 cent.

Same here. Restarting the app resolved this. A classic ‘turning it off and on again’ will also help.