Unwanted crosstalk Aqara Smart Plug (EU) and IKEA Tradfri devices

Hi Friends,

i am facing a very annoying problem and want to reach out to you, if someone has similar experience and how i can best solve this.

I am using a Homes Pro 2019 and installed a Aqara Smart Plug (EU) and several Ikea Tradfri products (shortcut, Styrbar, Rodret). I have the old Ikea Gateway (Tradfri) and use it only when i buy new Ikea products, to update their firmway. In everyday use, the Ikea Gateway is not on, and i control everything via Homey.

Unfortunately, several of the Ikea products are triggering my Aqara Smart Plug, without any flow involving the two of them. I have the feeling that it is quite random which ones trigger it, and it sometimes changes when i reset the Aqara Smart Plug. I also have the feeling that it got worse after i added more Ikea Tradfri Products (before only one of my 3 Styrbars triggered the Plug, now three are triggering it).

Aqara Support was not very helpful so far. My probllem (maybe) is that i dont have the Aqara Hub, and i dont know if the Smart Plug might have some firmware updates that i am missing. However, i wanted to reach out to others, before i buy the hub and it doesnt solve the problem.

There also was a period where this unwanted triggering stopped, and i was super happy, but i did not know what i changed, and now it is also back…

Thanks a lot for your help.

There are already a few posts about this on the forum.

The issue (as far as I have understood from a thread on the zigbee2mqtt repository on Github) is that the IKEA devices, by default, send commands to group 0 whereas the Aqara devices, by default, listen to commands on group 0.

For zigbee2mqtt this was solved with a workaround (assign the Aqara device to a random group during pairing), but for Homey it hasn’t.

Hi Robert, thanks for your reply! Sorry, I could not find something related to those products in my searches so far. If you have a link to the forum articles at hand, I would be very thankful!

I am not familiar with zigbee2mqtt, but if I understand you correctly, there is no easy fix for this when using homey?


You can at best request for a solution @ Athom: homey.app/support

replace either the Ikea or the Aqara devices involved.

install zigbee2mqtt (or Home Assistant + zigbee2mqtt add-on) on a (old) Rpi, thin client, mini pc or the like, add a zigbee dongle (I can recommend Sonoff zigbee usb dongle plus E ), and control zigbee with this setup, instead of with Homey.

With one of these Homey apps your zigbee devices then can be added to Homey: zigbee2mqtt or Home Assistant Community

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Hey Talvas,

I have exactly the same problem. Thank god I have the Aqara Smart Plug not used for my Washing Machine. I wouldn’t want the washing machine turning of in the middle of a flush program :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same problem here. Homey Pro 2023 and 6 Aqara Smart Plugs. Only three of them has this random behaviour?!

I have a Hue hub - no IKEA hub, but I do use a few IKEA remotes and buttons.

I’m about to throw the Aqara products in the sea, and maybe buy Nous or something like that…

did anybody found a fix for this?