Ikea plug-in starts automaticly

I have an Aqara door sensor on the door of the technical room. If it opens Homey starts an Ikea Tradfri plug-in (connected to the light) and vice versa. This works. But not perfect because sometimes the Ikea gateway starts the plug-in as well according to the Homey event logs. So the light burns until I open and close the door manually.
I have made an extra flow to shut down the plug-in if started and the door is closed. But this is not a real solution of course.
Does anyone know why the ikea bridge starts the plug-in?

Is that the control outlet?

If I understand correctly your Aqara sensor is in Homey’s zigbee network and the socket is in the gateways zigbee and connected using the IKEA Trådfri Gateway app.

Have you created timers in the Trådfri Gateway? Or made direct associations between a IKEA button and the socket?

Yes. That is how it works.

No button but I see now that there is still a sensor registered in the Gateway in the same room as the outlet is. Although this sensor is somewhere in a box (and the light woke me up at 4 am this night) maybe that has something to do with it.
I have removed it now and see what happens. Thnx.

That wasn’t the cause because it still occures.

Unless you have any specific reason I would prefer the control outlet direct paired with Homey I think.

Homey saying the hub turned it on could be several things. Homey simply reacts to the hub saying it is on. Either the hub turned it on, or the hub noticed the socket was on and reacted to that.

Usually that could mean two things: the socket had a communication problems and never actually turned off. Or the socket turned on by itself.

Most sockets have a button, so that could have been pressed, or the socket may have temporarily lost power and automatically turned on when the power was restored. And then there’s the option that the socket has a direct link with a remote. Food for thought.

Just putting it out there that lately, a fair amount of people are having issues with “ghost switching”, where devices are being switched on/off by the app (according to the timeline) for no apparent reason.

Coiuld be. But I always thated the Touchlink principle where direct links are formed by doing something in close proximity. Way to easy to link the wrong devices. Do not know if Ikea uses Touchlink like procedures though.

I have all the devices (also all lights and buttons) installed through the Ikea App and bridge. The Ikea app handles groups and buttons. That way I need less flows, have a fall back when Homey is down or Ikea does a software update on a device.
Is it good practice to do all things without the Ikea bridge? I haven’t tried btw if this is possible.

I would keep the bridge there for all the reasons you mentioned, Homey has no proper alternative.

It does, but AFAIK only with IKEA remotes, not with Aqara (although now I’m reading that there are also buttons involved?).

@robertklep: There is Ikea light switches and bulbs in other groups. Not in the technical room so they are not connected in a way.