IKEA AQARA interferences

Hi, I have an AQARA plug that works properly. Last week I connected an Ikea Sensor (Contact sensor PARASOLL) to my Homei PRO. The result is that the contact sensors activate and deactivate the plug. This happened just after the connection, without any flow. Both are Zigbee devices. Any idea? Thanks

Yes, this is a known issue: the IKEA devices, by default, send messages to a particular Zigbee group, and the Aqara devices, by default, listen to that same group for incoming commands.

AFAIK, it’s not fixable with Homey because it requires that the IKEA device (and/or the Aqara device) get removed from the group, and Homey has no interface to execute such a command.

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Homey does not provide a interface to add / remove groups from the User Interface (app)…
but it should be possible to send a zigbee command to remove group 0 from the Aqara devices / plugs from the driver side (without user involvement).


When can we expect a test version :wink:


It’s really a disaster. I also have these things mixed up every time. I took some out because other groups started to appeal to me than I wanted. It would be very nice if Homey did something about this.

Any solution yet?

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I think the answer is NO