IKEA Tradfri error every morning

I’ve been using some IKEA bulbs for a while now, having programmed to dim each hour at night, and turn of altogether when I go to sleep. However, for a couple of weeks now, they are all unresponsive in the morning when I activate my ‘good morning’ flow. I have to hard reset Homey, then wait half a minute, for them to respond when I re-activate the flow. Also, the flow gradually increases the intensity of the bulbs in one minute; a feature which was recently introduced but which is not working anymore. Any ideas how to fix this or how to locate the exact issue?

what version of the firmware are you using?


Homey is on 1.5.13

I had the same problem, I sort of fixed with a flow that reboots my homey every night at 04:00. (I’ve read somewhere on the forum about the IKEA Tradfri products time out at a certain moment)

Although its still not the most reliable working system, (The tradfri products still time out / become unresponsive sometimes) this fixed the problem of restarting and readding the lights almost every day.

I’ve thought of that as well! Sounds like it might work. How did you make the flow?

I’ve used the Candy app.
Don’t forget to fill in the API key token in the Candy app settings. (Otherwise it won’t work)


The IKEA problem is a bug, see here: IKEA Tradfri GU10 timeout - unresponsive

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Thanks for the update. Good to know what the exact problem is and that it will be solved some day.

This has become an annoying issue once more, since Candy is incompatible with Homey 2.0 …

Any ideas?

I’m not having any problems so far. I didn’t even know CANDY is’t working in 2.0. I’ve read somewhere on the forum that the issue with ikea tradfri is solved with the update, but I don’t know for sure.

Well, not for me. We’re back to square one. Is there any way to reboot Homey with a different flow card ? I really just had it perfect with candy …

I don’t know if there is any other way to do this with a flow.

Maybe you can show us your flows, just to check if maybe there is something wrong?

Although I don’t think that there is a problem with your flows. Seems like it’s still that bug. But weirdly enough I don’t have that problem anymore. (Or it will come soon haha)

All of my IKEA bulbs are becoming unresponsive after about five hours of inactivity. So with Candy, I solved that by regularly rebooting Homey during the day; and just before waking up (about an hour or so)

One of the first flows in the morning is this one. This morning, it didn’t work. Then I manually rebooted Homey from the app, retried the flow and it instantly worked again.

I’m now regretting the update even more…

Edit: the ‘if’ here is ‘When the time is 06:55’

No. However, it has been suggested by Athom that such functionality will be added soon.

Put Homey on an old fashion timer device. Or buy a WiFi plug and put a schedule on it in Smart Life. Then it will be possible to manually override it even when Homey is off.

Maybe you can try to unpair and then pair all the lights again?

It looks like it’s not the same issue for everyone. At my house the bulbs became unresponsive after a day or so. But then candy came in handy, and now with 2.0 it appears to be working normally aswell.

Just cutting the power off is not something that modern-day OS’es like very much, and is a good way for losing data.

I had the same issue.
But now it looks like its running oke.
I have placed my homey to another place (before it was standing in the windowsill with a big ass concrete wall above of it)

since then all my devices that are on BG and 1F dont have this problem anymore.
but the ones on the 2nd floor do have the problem sometimes…
homey connects to them again after a while.
the fastest way to let the bulbs talk to homey again is turning the bulbs of and on again.

dont know if it did the trick but for me its finaly working…

In what other way would you power off Homey then? As far as i know, this has the same effort as the PTP routine that is advised in over 80% of the troubleshooting. Or isn’t that the same as a power cut-off?

Yes, pulling the plug is the same, but it’s a last resort and is typically only used when Homey is unresponsive (otherwise you can just reboot it from the settings).

Rebooting Homey from a flow (when it was still possible) is much better, because it does a clean reboot.