Unable to connect to Homey / Hue devices unavailable

Didn’t that have it be done when you first set up the app?
But I don’t know anymore, that was a long time ago (I forget a lot, sorry).


I uninstalled the Philips Hue app (on Homey) and reinstalled. Now when I go to add a light, instead of telling me “no new devices found”, it prompts me to push the button on the bridge and it is all working fine. PROBLEM SOLVED!!

Thanks for your help.

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I got the same problem as @James_Wells after a power out a month ago or so… Tryed reinstalling the hue app on homey but the step for pressing the button on the bridge is missing. Any way to clear the cashe on the app or something? No Issues with hue from the hue-phone app

Homey 4.2.0
Hue app 4.5.2


Which version of the Bridge? V1 is not working anymore. I had the same problem after a power down in my house. I bought a new bridge V2 and now it is working again.

Same problem here. No way to get the Bridge to connect again. Any ideas?