Unable to connect homey bridge


Finally got our homey bridge in the mail yesterday. Full of eager and excitement i unboxed the bridge, and plugged it in. I started up my homey app, and logged on to my already established beta account in the app. Have not set up anything on the app previously.
I read online at this forum that i just had to add the bridge unit in the app.

Problem starts after the app finds the bridge, and i press the “connect bridge button” in the app. I get an error in the app, telling me to try again. After a few repeated and unsuccessful goes, i get a “timeout error”.

What should i do to get this bridge to work?

Plz help a noob out…

I do not own a bridge but found a similar topic,
I think the second link (wifi) may do the trick for you;

Probably wifi related. Bridge hasn’t got a sophisticated state-of-the-art wifi chip implementation
(The title says ‘Homey Pro’, but with the bridge similar connect issues seem to occur)

The Bridge has a very different chip than Homey Pro (it’s still not a very sophisticated WiFi chip, but I’ve never had issues with them myself; it seems more of a software issue than a hardware issue).

OK, I adjusted some words :upside_down_face:

Solutions was to turn off any 5 GHz wifi in the house. Kind of stupid that that is not a possibility with Google wifi. Had to set the ssid on another router first, and disable 5 GHz radio before completing setup.

Thanks for the help!

Nice going @Peter_Kawa, I wonder how many ppl you have helped so far… wifi problems and faulty power adapters must make up quite a part of the total issues out there :slight_smile:

Thx, Johan. No clue how many times I’ve shared your wifi hints post :crazy_face:

So if i understand right. I must turn off 5ghz permanently? I have a mesh network. I could connect first time but its not accessable anymore. In The router i have device Athom with ip.