Homey Bridge not accessable anymore - How can i hard reset?

Homey Bridge not accessable anymore - How can i hard reset?

Remove it from Homey

Replug the Homey Bridge (Where it can’t find the known WiFi )

It should turn Blue into Setup Mode.

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Same problem - but I don´t want to change the WiFi password for my regular WiFi network (both 5 and 2.4 MHz) that my Homey Bridge don´t connect to any more.

I must connect Homey Bridge to my Guest network that is only 2.4 MHz.

So - the regular network name and password is the same - can I connect to my 2.4 MHz Guest network with the info above?

AND - all settings, items etc is not deleted?

BIG thank you for clarifying this. :slight_smile:

@Attefall What is your question?

Thank you for you fast response @Dijker

  1. Can I connect to a new WiFi network even if I don’t change the current WiFi name or password?

  2. Nothing in my current set up will be lost doing this?

You should not have two networks with same name and password. That doesn’t work.

Have you read Support links in the above Post?

There is nothing stored in the Bridge, except WiFi Setting.
Remove it, and re-add it using another WiFi network if you want.

Note: The settings of Homey Bridge will not be modified during this operation.

Thank you - and no, my duo-network has one name and password and the Guest network has another name and password.

As I don´t change the regular networks name or password I was wondering as it stated: “Homey Bridge automatically enters set-up mode because it could not connect to the stored Wi-Fi network.”

Thank you - I will test.

Hmmm - I seems that my Homey Bridge now can connect to the regular network.

I had the same challenge from the start with the very first, “regular”, Homey several years ago.

Thank you again for your fast response. :slight_smile:

Just to clear things up:
The bridge is just a piece of hardware which provides for extra local radio protocols, it has no user storage.
All of your settings are stored in your Homey cloud app instance