Another way for hard reset or how to run setup again


A friend of mine gave me homey he don’t need, he has home setup there. Now, he deleted the home from app, while the device was offline and after I turn it on, it’s not starting “setup wi-fi”. I bring homey back to the wi-fi it was connected, so it sync, but that doesn’t seem help. Wi-fi not appearing.

Is there a way to hard reset homey the other way around? Or what would be my next steps? Getting brick after all would be fun story. :slight_smile:


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Sorry, I had to mention it’s not pro and there is no button

This model?

Both Pro and Non-Pro White Balls are Pro now !!!

It’s black circle, like this:

Can’t believe he just gave a Pro 2023.
I bet it is Homey bridge.
The bridge is just a device which provides local radio’s to Homey Cloud/Premium.

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I found an article, but I swear there is no hole for reset :smile:
Should I take off labels etc to find it? Hope I’m not just blind.

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after power up, not finding the old WiFi it should turn breathing Blue… (ready to Pair)

That is done here:

But First Start creating a New Home (Homey) in the cloud from the mobile App.

Don’t have recent screenshots but it should NOT mention Pro Start for Free Here:

After that Add your Bridge as First device.

It’s not new and it’s this, but I cannot find a pin hole there…,that%20Homey%20Pro%20is%20restarting.

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Thanks a lot! This works.

Is it really a Homey Pro 2023 or the Homey bridge, which looks quite similar?

Correct is is NOT a Pro , No hole , just this:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from Homey Bridge, then plug it back in.
  2. After a minute, the LED ring will automatically turn blue, to indicate set-up mode. Homey Bridge automatically enters set-up mode because it could not connect to the stored Wi-Fi network.

No hole, it is a Bridge…

Thanks all, add it as a device it is works now


Yeah thats exactly what I thought because there was no hole, but the link mentioned a 2023 Pro :slight_smile: