Homey pro does not find the device

Homey pro does not find the device. After the restart, which took place on its own, no device is connected. Neither after restarting via the app nor directly via power.
Model Homey Pro (Early 2019)
Version 10.0.4
Can you advise me so that I am not in the dark after Christmas? :frowning:

Probably due to a firmware update. Turn these updates off. You’ll get a timeline msg when a new fw update is published.
Install them yourself, after X-mass:wink:

For the unresponsive devices, you’d try to change the USB power unit for a decent Apple / Samsung etc one, 5V and at least 2 Amps.
Also replace the USB cable.

When that doesn’t make a difference, install the so called ‘Full software download’; it installs Homey software from scratch again.
Nothing gets removed or changed, but do have a recent backup at hand, just in case;
Skip the “backup” questions, and don’t push the factory reset button


I tried to restore the device according to the instructions. However, nothing happened. When will the patch be ready? I spent Christmas without lights, New Year’s Eve party also without lights. The weakness of your firmware.

When a full software download didn’t make a difference, I think now only Athom maybe can fix it. Please report to https://homey.app/support

One thing left you can try, is resetting Homey zigbee. But I think the chance of fixing it is low.

Be aware, a zigbee reset causes ALL of your zigbee devices being removed from Homey, and they have to be paired like new devices afterwards.
This will also break the flows involved.
But, there’s a very neat script which can repair these flows:


Imho your problem is very much also the weakness choices made with your setup, by creating a single point of failure, and,
having way too much trust in computing devices and wireless radio protocols.
Homey (and probably many other domotica controllers) are in no way 24/7/365 devices to build on.

F.i. I can toss Homey out the door right now, the only thing what happens is my devices aren’t controlled by a machine anylonger.
I can still control any device manually.
It saved my ass a few times already :crazy_face::wink:


My wife says it is NEVER the fault of Homey, If it doesn’t work there is a switch… And If I removed it and it doesn’t work it is my fault or we didn’t pay an Electricity bill…

So please remove Homey as dependency from your house and spend some good time with Family and friends. Homey is Fun and if you experience it doesn’t work as expected it should also be fun.

Have a nice New Year’s Eve party :beer: :beers: :tumbler_glass: :tada: :fireworks:

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At one point, 31 devices stop working. This is not the fault of one button. Don’t try to be funny but help me solve the problem. I removed one device, but I can’t even add it!

Several suggestions were already made.

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I think language / translation issues are part of this discussion as well.

We are doing our best trying to help you out, as fellow Homey users. You seem to forget…

You only respond to certain things here.
No one is trying to be funny, me and Dijker were pointing out you seem to have put all of your money on Homey, and when the thing doesn’t work, your lights appearantly can’t be controlled manually. That’s not the smartest part of your smart home.

Like I wrote, but you don’t respond to:
I repeat:

So, in the meantime, make sure to always have a functional home without Homey as well