Setup Homey classic after reset

I have an old homey that is not used for two years, the firmware is probaly v1.5.13 (status is portal).
It is reset, but the setup dont work.

Whit my ipad i can conect to the homeySetup-xxx ssid, but after that the mesage “oeps, er was een probleem met het laden van de instalatie”.
Probaly because the ipad had no internet when connected to homey-setup?

With my phone I can’t find the homey when on that wifi network. When mobile-internet is disabled, it find the homey. When enabled again I can go to
But there the mesage occur that I should download the app, but that is installed. When i go back to the app the begin screen is there (add a new homey).

I already tryd it with firefox.

Does anybody have an idea to do the initional setup for a homey-clasic with old firmware?

And also pressed the Alt key to continue in the browser?

You should not switch to the app before it is connected and downloading firmware updates.

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O, and I forgot, Congratulations with your Free Upgrade:
You have a Homey Pro now:


no, now tryd that and I am one step further now, thnx!

It is not total ready yet, but enough to try further. I will post an update when it works.

It works now, thnx Dijker.

the steps where:
-bring the homey in setup mode and connect to the homeySetup-xxx ssid.
-go to, if that will not resolve, try another pc or tablet with keyboard.
-chose language
-if the message come that you should download the app press or so (tables is other key) and keep it pressed. A small text “continue in browser” come, press that.
-a message that the setup will be download should occur.
-manually connect to the normal wifi network (with working internet), then reload the browser, the message that the setup will be download should now start.
-when the download is ready, a popup occur that you should connect again to the homeySetup-xx ssid.
-after that follow the screen. In some step you should manually connect to the normal ssid.


@belowwaves thanks a lot (from next year:-)

I was struggling endlessly with upgrading my old Homey, but specifically your note that I should option-click or long-click the “Download the App” button to make it show the “continue in Browser” option. My homey is now slowly downloading the new firmware.

What on earth is the reasoning behind making that “continue in browser” option so difficult to find??!?

Everything is in the mobile app already almost a year.
You don’t need to use the browser anymore.

See the options from the mobile app here