Problem during setup (Home Pro 2023)

When I try and setup my homey I get an error message after activation screen saying
“Type error: Cannot read property ‘softwareVersion’ of undefined.”

Pressing “Try again” give me screen saying that Homey is offline. If I pull the plug and restart it works fine.
The issue is that setup is canceled and I can’t restore from backup of my old Homey.
Any ideas? Can I restore in any other way?

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same here. I got that fixed by going to My Devices in the web app and updating Firmware via USB

Thx for your reply @drao
Will try that tomorrow.

After firmware upgrade did you reset and setup?

Yes, worked well then. Was able to use backup from my old homey

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Thx. Hope it’ll work for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

This might help someone.

Had big problems getting to backup screen during setup. Tried firmware upgrade via usb tool but no luck. Did it a few times and suddenly it worked. Only to realize that I hadn’t created a backup after adding a few new devices so had to start over. Same issue. Started having issues connecting Homey to my WiFi even though I entered correct password. I ended up doing resetting over and over and finally it worked. Can’t say that I did anything different the time it did work so I guess you just have to try until it works. :man_shrugging:

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I have the exact same setup, when trying to add my new Homey Pro 2023 I get:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'softwareVersion' of undefined

After reconnecting the power the device shows up in the app, and it looks like I can use it normally, but no restore options.

I noticed that the device was shipped with version 10.0.1, so I upgraded firmware to version 10.3.0, and reset the device.

After adding I got the same error. Reconnected power and then upgraded to experimental version 10.3.1-rc.2 that had multiple core fixes.

Same issue once again. Now I have reset the device at least 5 times, and same error code every time :angry:

After resetting a handfull times more it suddenly worked, and I was presented with the screen to restore :smiley:

Thanks to @marcusabrahamsson for for encouraging to “try until it works” :+1: