Homey Bridge deleted by accident in my Homey account

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I have a Homey Pro and a Homey Bridge. However, I accidentally removed Homey Bridge from my account and I can no longer get it back. Its rings and multicolors which means that it is well connected. But because it was deleted from my Homey, I can no longer access it. I don’t even have a physical Reset on the Homey Bridge. How do I get it back into my account or how do I go about resetting it manually?? Thank you for your answers.

Was the Bridge connected to a Homey (Cloud) subscription or to your Homey Pro (Early 2023) as a satellite?

As far as a know the bridge can’t be added to a Homey Account (Actually Athom Account) directly (so also not removed)…

Or did you remove your Homey (Cloud) subscription from your Athom Account?

The Homey Bridge was not connected by satellite; it had no subscription. during &chat it was put on my Homey account with the Homey Pro without subscription and not put on satellite. I actually wanted to do that and I made a mistake, I completely deleted Homey Bridge from my account. I would like to reset it and I can no longer because deleted from my account and there is no reset like on the Homey Pro below with a small rod it is absent on the Homey Bridge. How can I reset it?

I removed the Homey Bridge from the Homey app. Only the Homey Pro left

Here’s lots of info to be found

Impossible reset the Homey Bridge through the app, because I accidentally deleted it from my Homey app, and I can’t manually reset it. If there is any manipulation to be done I am interested. Because currently it is well connected but I cannot access it.

I don’t follow you… when the bridge was removed from the Homey (cloud) app, be it by accident or on purpose, it should have reset itself already according to the howto?

When you deleted it from Homey (cloud), how can it still be connected…
Where can you, or do you see it’s connected well?
Screenshot pls?

I’m going to restart :

I initially have 2 Homey: 1 Homey Pro and 1 Homey Bridge.
Both in the Homey app on my mobile phone. Both were registered there.
This day, I wanted to put my Homey Bridge in Satellite position with my Homey Pro. For this I had to reset the Homey Bridge. So I went to my Homey app, I selected Homey Brige, I went to ‘More’ then to ‘Settings’ then to ‘General’ and I went down to the bottom. And removed Homey Bridge. Which therefore caused its deletion in the Homey application. Only now I no longer have access to Homey Bridge so it’s impossible to reset anything. When I plug in my Homey Bridge it restarts and has the multi-colored ring which indicates that it is well connected. But I also noticed that when I unplug my Homey Pro this time and I start my Homey Bridge it tries to connect and the Homey Bridge ring turns Blue but impossible to access it and in the application he does not try to configure this.

I believe that the Homey Bridge was well configured in satellite mode. How do I put my Homey Bridge back in the Homey mobile app because I deleted it


How do I put my Homey Bridge back into the Homey mobile app because I deleted it?

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Yes, that’s exactly how it appears in the Homey Pro :wink:
I delete the device to reconfigure it?? or not ??

In the end I got a little too excited for not much!
What happened is that from the start Homey Bridge had been configured as a satellite of Homey Pro. Only and what I found strange was that in the Homey application it left the entire Homey Bridge system in place as if it had not been transferred to Satellite.
So I deleted Homey Bridge in the device section in the Homey application, which of course made the Homey Bridge with blue light and I re-configured everything to satellite and indeed there are no more Homey Bridges but just the Homey Pro. And Homey Bridge and put back into the device list. And everything is functional. I aroused you for nothing. All my excuses.

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