Moving Homey Bridge from Cloud to Pro-Satelite

Hi - I previously had one homey bridge/cloud in my house, but decided to upgrade to using to a pro (2023) and bought an extra homey bridge. The plan was to have a pro with two bridges in satelite mode. I thought I had removed the homey bridge properly from the cloud account. As I am now trying to set up my new network, the (old) homey bridge would still only connect to the old cloud account and would not be found by the homey pro unit. When I decided to shout down my that (old) homey bridge and rather try with the new one out – fresh out of the box, the same happened to that one. What have I done wrong and how can I fix this?

How would you know it connects to the could Homey? If you see it there it isn’t deleted from your Homey (Cloud) => Press Delete…

If it is correct removed it should turn Blue - breathing ready to connect.
Resetting Homey Bridge to factory defaults

If it is in that state,
Change Homey in the Homey Mobile app to your Pro (Early 2023),
Enable Bluetooth AND Location!!!
Device- Add and wait (in the neighborhood of the Bridge.

The screenshot shows the Cloud Homey instance, that’s not a bridge…
Therefore it is under developer.

Hi - Thanks that was clarifying. So will try connecting once more.

On the Dev Tools Web API Playground:

> Homey.coprocessor.getBridges();
show if your bridge is connected on Homey (Cloud)

Sincerely appreciate your swift response. I managed to get it connected now. Btw - any insights on how to completely remove the old “cloud device” from my account list. I can still choose between homey “cloud” and homey pro when I log on.

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I’ve been told by the Homey’s support that actually there is no path to migrate from Bridge to pro, you’ll have to add all devices again.