Moving from Bridge to Pro

Had a scour of the forums and I can’t find an answer to this: my Homey Pro has just arrived and I’m wondering about the best way to migrate from the Bridge. Do I have to delete all the devices from the Bridge, or can I just add them to the Pro in addition to them being on the Bridge? Delete the home on the Bridge and start again? Cancel the cloud account, or leave that as a backup if the Pro fails for some reason?

Grateful for all tips, thank you!

Entirely depends on the type of device. For instance, Z-Wave and Zigbee devices can only be connected to one controller, so if they are now connected to Homey Bridge you should remove them from your cloud account first and then add them to the Pro.

For WiFi-based devices, things get a bit more complicated, because some apps work differently depending on where they are running (in the cloud or on the Pro). Shelly is an example: when running in the cloud, it uses the Shelly cloud servers, but when running on a Pro, it communicates with the Shelly devices directly over your local network. I think the same goes for Philips Hue. It may work with you mix cloud and local device access, but I wouldn’t recommend it. So remove them from your cloud account and add them to the Pro.

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Lovely, thanks. Most of the devices I have connected to the Bridge are Hue, so I’ll remove everything and add them to the Pro from scratch.