Changing from Homey Bridge to Homey Pro

What is the easiest way to get all devices, flows, etc. from the bridge to the Pro? Do I have to let the pro find all equipment again, and then manually make all the flows, or is there a way to do it in an easier way?
Thank you in advance for all your help.



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Thank you, robertklep

Btw, will it cause any problems when I run both a Homey Bridge and a Homey Pro with the same devices and flows on, until I have added them all to the Pro?

I wouldn’t do that. I know a Hue Bridge can be connected to more than one device but things like Zigbee can’t. I would clear your schedule for the day and wrtie down all you need to know from the bridge. Then reset it or remove it and start over on the pro.
It’s quite time consuming but eventually it’s the only way.

Okay, thank you Renzo.