New Homey Bridge Wifi

Hello, am I able to connect to the new Homey Bridge ( for example Shelly RGBW? I am not sure if this “lowcost” homey supports Wifi. Thanks guys.

If you mean if it’s possible to connect WiFi devices to Homey Bridge, the answer is no.

(Shelly devices also support cloud access, so you can use them from Homey Cloud).

Thanks…so how can I control RGBW LED? Do you know some good verified zigbee devices?

You can still use the Shelly RGBW with Homey Cloud, you don’t even need a bridge for it.

If you want Zigbee, look at GLEDOPTO and Innr. Hue also supports RGBW strips I think, but that’s also a cloud solution.

I am not sure if I understand what homey cloud is. Its for example the “space” where I can download various apps (aqara, ikea, philips, shelly etc)? Or its something diferent and I need to pay for access to the cloud?

Homey Cloud is what Athom likes to call “Homey”, where your Homey (flows, devices, etc) runs on Athom’s cloud servers. So in a way, that’s indeed the “space” where you can install various apps.

Homey Cloud is free up to 5 devices, after that you have to pay a monthly fee.

And you can only connect to devices which are connected via a bridge to the cloud. So if you buy a Zigbee device, you need a bridge and some control app in the cloud, and then you can connect the Homey cloud app to that control app. So Homey becomes an overall control app of all your cloud apps.
In that case, does e.g. the Hue bridge count as one device or is every Hue lamp a device?

Every Hue lamp will be one device, because each one will be added to Homey individually.

Cloud enabled devices like Shelly, or tado, or Hue bridge can be connected to the Homey (cloud) app; no Homey bridge needed here.

All apps you can use with Homey (cloud) without needing Homey bridge:

The Homey bridge is just an accessoire to Homey cloud, with which you can also use zigbee/zwave/IR/Ble/433MHz devices

It would be nice if Athom draw some system architectures what you need in all these different situations. Especially how the communication between al the components are realized. It can be quite confusing.

I am not shure this table answers Thomas Buran original question.
For example: How does Homey cloud connects to this Shelly device? Any internet router changes required to allow Homey app to connect to Shelly? Or does Shelly connect to Homey App, or is a Shelly server involved?
One would like to know before buying a new device.

It’s cloud-to-cloud
Something like: a server where your Homey app is running from, connects to a server where your Shelly devices connect to.
Then Shelly can talk to Homey and vice versa.

Shelly devices support two modes: local access over WiFi, and cloud access. Homey Cloud doesn’t support local WiFi devices, hence it stands to reason that Homey will use cloud access to connect with Shelly devices.

You almost need to be a network specialist to understand this😁