Homey Cloud and Shelly?

How does Homey Cloud connect to local WiFi devices like Shelly?
In the table of functions for the Bridge local WiFi is not included??
Will it connect thru the Shelly Cloud now?

Only online services

You can see on the app store which devices will work on the Bridge: Shelly App for Homey | Homey

It looks like it does, yes.

Yes, the bridge does not support local wifi. Everything goes over the cloud. In fact, you do not need the bridge to connect Shelly devices to Homey Cloud.


Can my Homey Pro also connect to my Shelly devices thru the Shelly Cloud then?
(made a different post about this last week)

Why would you want that? Local connection beats cloud any time. I have not made the device drivers for cloud compatible for Homey Pro.

Yeah, quite cumbersome at the moment due to limitations in the Shelly Cloud API. We are still looking for a better way to pair cloud devices.


I have a guest house with a separate connection and no real need for speed.

Also speed cannot be a big issue since Homey now introduced the cloud and bridge. :sweat_smile:

I won’t be adding this to Homey Pro just for these kind of corner cases. If it’s not more than 5 devices you could use Homey Cloud for free.

First I don’t have shelly… can’t see the impact from app or development to enable the cloud driver in the Pro

But for the free cloud
then someone ends up with two Homeys: the Pro and Homey (cloud) two disjointed environments to manage.

Thanks, and agreed, but I think my request is absolutely a “corner case” as mentioned. Most Homey Pro users will have their Shelly devices in the same network. I will test the Cloud and see how that works for me. :blush:

Ah, now remember guesthouse… that justifies 2 Homey’s :innocent:

Purely out of curiousity, I see that none of the sensors are supported through the cloud. Are there plans to include them?

They are currently not available in Shelly Cloud API. They have plans to add al sorts of stuff but it’s of lesser priority for them at the moment. It’s the same for the rollershutter capabilities.

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The Shelly Uni seems to be supported with both temp and humidity and voltage sensing etc. :grinning:

Good point, I might be able to add devices that only have sensors as well come to think of it. Will look into it.

Seems all sensors are now added for Homey Beta!? All good! Great job!!

Only Shelly Gas is missing since it has some commands which are unsupported by Shelly Cloud. It’s a big question if the app will actually be available when Homey Cloud goes out of beta. The current pairing process is not very user friendly due to limitations in the Shelly API. Athom may decide not to allow the app with the current pairing process. All my efforts for nothing …