Shelly thru Shelly Cloud

Is there any way for Homey to connect to my Shelly devices thru the Shelly cloud insted of directly thru my local WiFi? I have some Shelly devices in a seperate WiFi network and would prefer not to setup a VPN for Homey to be able to reach them.

As far as I know, the (only) Shelly app for Homey only uses local access. You can use HTTP commands to interact with your devices from flows ( but that’s going to become unwieldy fast.

Is there a specific reason you’re using Shelly’s cloud?

Well I have plans for setting up my guest house with Shelly devices and allow guests to temporarly use the Shelly Cloud app for controls.
So maybe I can set up a VPN and have Homey controlling those devices in the seperate LAN.
But if Homey would be able to use the access thru Shelly Cloud I would be up and running already.
(inviting guests to use the Homey app is not a good option. Not even for my wife since I can not do a scaled down “only what you need” version, can I?)

How are your WiFi-networks separated? I assume that they use the same internet connection, so there’s something in your router that prevents devices from the “Shelly LAN” to access devices in the “Homey LAN”. Perhaps it’s possible to allow traffic the other way, so devices from the “Homey LAN” can access devices on the “Shelly LAN”?

I don’t see how you can set up a VPN from Homey, Homey apps don’t have enough privileges to do that.

I actually have two separate routers and two different external IP addresses but I guess I can set up a VPN for LAN to LAN between those rounters. Then Homey should be able to connevt to the Shelly devices if I manually set the IP address for each device.
I will test…
Was only hoping there would be an easier way thru the cloud since I don’t need speed or perfect 24/7 connection for once. :rofl:

Now we have a different post about Shelly Cloud with Homey Beta.

But based on THIS post I did a simple test adding one Shelly device manually to my Homey Pro thru the internet using DynDNS and Port Forwarding. Seems to be working perfect with no delay or anything.

I am no IT tech so I might be missing something crucial like safe security etc. but for
my simple purpose this seems to work just fine. I will test a few more devices on seperate ports and see if something crashes…

See image of the device address settings in my app. The DynDNS name and port instead of a local IP address.

Be sure to set a username and password as anyone can now control your Shelly device.

Sure. I will. But I only test now and this device is not controlling anything important. I will add username and pw when Inadd a few more to my test. Thanks for prompting, thou! :+1::+1:

The point with this project is that I plan to use 5-10 Shelly devices in this guest house. Guests can use the Shelly Cloud app when they stay there and every time some of those devices change state my Homey Pro has a flow triggering a timer.
When that timer runs out it basically means the guests have left and then Homey Pro “takes over” and turn of some things and monitor the heating etc. Maybe after prompting me for approval.
Sounds like a plan to me so let’s see if it works… :rofl::rofl::rofl: