2 separate network

i was wandering, can i have 2 network at home with 2 router, one with my internet connection and the other one with all my shelly?

so that shelly isn’t directly accessible online but homey is accessible and i can use homey to control the shelly

so can homey see and use both network?

Yes, that’s possible. You can work with VLAN’s if your router / switches support it. But be mindful, if you don’t understand what you are doing, this could be pretty darn difficult.

You have to consider why you are doing it. I’m assuming you don’t want your shelly’s to be able to connect to your local network, because of security reasons, right? So if your Homey is on your LAN VLAN and your Shelly’s are on a seperate VLAN with it’s own SSID, then you have to create some routing between the networks so there is connectivity, but the reason your doing this is to have a block / deny between your LAN and the shelly’s so you have to deny all traffic and only allow the needed ports, thus closing down and opening up ports on the firewall. This means you have to start with some firewalling too.

And don’t get me wrong, asking this questions I’m getting the impression you don’t really know what you are doing, and it could be a challenge which actually is fun to do, but don’t think you’ll nail it in a couple of hours.

I would recommend just to disable cloud access for the shelly’s and stick with one VLAN / SSID.

I’m looking into this not for security purpose, but mainly to lessen the devices connected to the main modem.
(security purpose can be an added bonus not indispensable)

Added the fact the I have a modem to spare (an Archer D7) my hope was also to have a more organized network if all the shelly has their own network

I was also planning to install all the shelly devices on an elettric panel and put the modem near there.

I just started to look in to this, maybe using the Archer D7 as an AP can be the right solution


PS: my house will be ready in a couple of months so i got plenty of time to think about it

My humble opinion is to not do it :wink: , adding shelly’s to your ‘normal’ network doesn’t increase the load much, if at all. So adding another router / ap just for the Shelly’s to have their own SSID, doesn’t make sense for me. I do have a separate network for my IoT devices, including shelly, but that’s because I wanted a 2.4ghz only network for the IoT devices and keep my combined 5ghz and 2,4ghz network for my phones/laptops/ipad devices.

Good luck!

Could you are so kind and describe your solution more closely? I am considering dividing the network into a dedicated 2.4 GHz for devices and another for mobile and pc for the same reason, but as a beginner I still have little experience in practice …

But ofcourse! No problem. Please keep in mind; every wifi vendor has quirks of it’s own. I can’t help you with specific Netgear, Arlo, Unifi or any other vendor’s issues.

But basically my setup is configured like this (i’m using unifi wifi systems btw).

1 SSID called ‘devices’. It is a 2.4ghz only network configured on channel 1 (both 6 and 11 have much more traffic). It has a 20mhz bandwidth configured which is the least amount my wifi AP’s can do. For this reason there is no overlap and no combining channels. Easy and clean config for the most rubbish wifi socs available (Homey’s for example). Fast roaming is off, but as are all other ‘fancy stuff’ like ARP proxy, power management, etc.

1 SSID called ‘Home’ which is a combined 2.4 and 5ghz wifi network with all stuff enabled (except for arp proxy since that is a bit buggged).

For me a rock solid an stable config.

I’m using the NanoHD from Unifi together with some LR and Lite’s from the previous generation.

Good luck!

Dag Martijn,

Dus volgens jou is het niet nodig om in een woning een apart netwerk aan te maken voor shelly? 10-20 shellies gaan geen noemenswaardige invloed hebben op de capaciteit van een wifi netwerk?
Ik moet wazrschijnlijk enkel letten dat ik een router koop die genoeg aangesloten toestellen toelaat. Bedankt

Ter vergelijk, David, ik heb een standaard KPN v10, met een 2,4GHz en een 5GHz gedeelte. 63 apparaten, waaronder media apparatuur, telefoons laptops en een berg Tuya wifi spul. Geen kraak of zucht.
Wifi zit niet zomaar “vol” hoor wil ik daarmee zeggen. Uiteraard houdt het ergens op, maar dat moet bij de specs te vinden zijn neem ik aan.

En ja, het liefst zou ik ook een volledig losstaand 2,4GHz wifi netwerk hebben voor het IoT geweld, maar dat gaat niet zonder alles opnieuw te pairen grrrrr…

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