Unable to add more than one TRÅDFRI GU10 TO Homey Pro 2023

I am trying to I install 4 IKEA TRÅDFRI GU10 bulbs but I’m only able to add one before the issues start. (I have not started on the 13 others I plan to install…)
When I try to add the 2nd bulb it starts pairing, and then I get the error that “This device is already added”

I have followed the guide with
Power off
Lightbulb in
Power on
Power off
Lightbulb out

New bulb, repeat…

I have reset my Homey Pro to factory reset
I have turned off everything else in the house to not get any interference from other ZigBee devices.

I have reset the lightbulbs and the wireless switch I use to pair like 10 times…

I once managed to add one bulb to Homey, and the next 3 got assigned to the wireless switch… The switch turned 3 of them on and off, including the one in homey, but one of the others seem to get confused then, and ended up bering able to use the dining function on 3 (2 from the once assigned just to the switch, and one from homey) .

So whatever I do, I just end up having one device I Homey (and the rest being assigned to the wireless switch, while the one I Homey is not assigned to the switch)

After I tried to removing the one I had there to check if the serial numbers are identical, i’ts now unable to add anything, as it still says “This device is already added” when I try to add another bulb…

Any suggestions?

That’s a really strange situation, i think i have over 40 ish of these and never had any issues with them. Did you try to pair them with a remote, or with the 6 (or 7 don’t know for sure anymore) times on and off? Because i think you are pairing them to the switch and not to homey.

From the support page and this is REALLY IMPORTANT, Every device requires a different method of adding it to Homey. Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be set in no time!

Well. I iniate the pairing via homey app on my phone or PC

“+” in top right and “new device +”
I find “Dimmable spot GU10”
Zigbee info and select “Continue”

At this point “Toggle the spot” I use the remote and the pair button within less than 5 cm of the lightbulb to pair
The it says adding device
And that the device is already connected…

If I reset everything (tried once, it works with the first one), not the 2nd… Or 3rd.

It only works with the first one that you pair, or it only works with the exact same device? If it’s the former, you should then be able to check if the device ID differs between the lights.

I don’t use these bulbs myself, but typically you have to toggle the bulb on and off not with the remote control, you have to switch the power on and off.


This is how you do it, 6 or 7 times on/off resets the bulb and than homey should find them.

Yes, it’s 6 times to reset and restart the pairing process, just checked it:


But if it’s a brand new bulb then you only need to connect the bulb to the power supply to start the pairing process. And of course, the pairing procedure must be activated on Homey first, and then connect the bulb to the power supply.

I guess also like you @Morten_Helberg follows the IKEA instruction with the remote control.

Are all bulbs in the same lamp / being toggled with the same switch? Because if yes then you are resetting all lamps when do the reset by power cycling 6 times and Homey probably latches onto the lamp it already knows. In this case only screw in one bulb at a time during setup, once you are finished you can put them all in

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So… I tried with 4 new bulbs, and followed theese steps:

Power off
Lightbulb in the socket
Start pairing in TRÅDFRI app
Switch on and off 6 times
Then it worked…

I can’t get the first 4 lightbulbs that i struggeled with yesterday to work. But the 4 fresh one worked like a charm.

So i understand that i kind of did it wrong the first time, but I would also state that instructions are a bit unclear (atleast for us non-english speaking)
The video posted by @Glenn_Seegers kinda “illuminated” the instructions way better than the instructions in the TRÅDFRI app…

So thanks alot :slight_smile:

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When you already paired the bulbs to the switch (first four you mentioned) and they don’t want to play nice with pairing to homey try to switch them 7 times i think this was like a reset, and try making the “ons” very brief (less than a second) and the “offs” longer.