Can't connect any trådfri things

Hi guys.
Like the topic says i can’t add any bulbs/switches. I have have trådfri things connected but can’t add moore.
I read about zigbee router. Can i use a light bulb as a router? Also read something about reset zigbee.
How do i do a reset or does that mean to delete all connected devices?

Homey Pro early 2019 v 10.0.0

Hi Claes and welcome to the community!

– Have you already connected other Zigbee devices?
– If yes, which and how many devices are these?

Yes. All permanently powered Zigbee devices are routers.


The Homey Pro 2019 can only connect about 15 Zigbee devices directly, all other devices must be connected to Homey via routers. So if you want to use more than about 15 Zigbee devices, first you have to connect Zigbee routers and then battery-powered devices.

For more information, please read the following support article:

Thank you for fast answer.
Yes i have way to many then :smiley:
So now i have some work to do adding routers.

Please remind: the routers have to be permanently powered to have a stable network. So if you put your bulbs behind a physical on/off switch, the network will be quite unstable because the routes will be changing constantly.

Thank you
I have 12 spots i two groups i my kitchen for example.
Do i have to make the first GU10 router? Or is it something it does by default?

The best way is to add all routers at first and then after that all the end devices.
There is a link to the best advises way to build a ZigBee network, but i don’t have that link at hand at the moment. It should be findable with the search function.

I’m really struggling with adding lights.
have uninstalled the ikea app and removed all zigbee devices.
But I only manage to add two devices.
It sometimes finds someone but it takes too long to add so it stops.

Did you already do a reset of the complete Zigbee network?

And before resetting, make sure to set your 2.4GHz wifi channel to a fixed number, preferrably 1, 6 or 11.
A zigbee reset checks for a quiet frequency to set the zigbee channel

I did a factory reset and now it works.
Thank you

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