Add more than one light


Is it possible to add more than one light to Homey at the same time? I have 12 GU10 in my entrance (and likewise in several other rooms) and i’m able to turn on/off all lights 6 times in each room through my main switch. This would make possible to register all lights at the same time. BUT when I do so, only 1 light appears in Homey.

With Hue bridge all the GU10 shows up and then I can just rename them in the app.

With about 110 lights in my house to add to Homey this means that I have to turn my lights around 660 times!

Hope that someone can help.

Guess you are talking about trådfri zigbee?
And want to add them directly to Homey?
In that case: NO, you have to pair them manually one by one

Thank you - but sad to hear.

Strange when Hue have the possibility - wich mean that it is technologically possible. But Hue have a limit of 50 devices. So also not for me.

Guess I have to use a couple of days to pair light😅

Are you aware of Homey’s limits?

Simple search says endless. But i’m new, so may not be the right to ask.

Simple search is wrong. With regards to Zigbee, there is a limit of 20 directly connected devices (i.e. Zigbee devices that don’t connect to Homey’s network through a router device). That doesn’t mean you can have only 20 devices in Homey’s Zigbee network in total, but it does mean you need to do some careful planning of your Zigbee network if you want to add more than that.

Given that you have 110 lights in total, I think Homey’s current firmware (v4) will struggle to support all your devices. The experimental v5 firmware has a much improved Zigbee stack, but the 20-device limit is hardware related, not software related (perhaps Athom has been able to stretch the limit, but I think that with all RAM-saving optimizations you can’t increase the limit to more than 30 or 32 devices).