Extend pair time zigbee - Add multiple devices in one pairing session

I’m trying to add 8 zigbee LED spots, but by the time I’m reaching the 7th spot (they are installed in my ceiling already) the pairing time has stopped thus it’s impossible to add spot number 7 or 8 to Homey.

I’m looking for ways to add more then one zigbee lights during pairing (or skip the whole guided adding of a device (this slows down the process), the pairing time is now to short to add all the lights to Homey on a device per device basis.

Any tips?

Are you sure this is about Homey?
As you need to start the pairing process for every light individually, you can’t add multiple ZigBee devices in 1 pair session as far as I’m aware.
The guide (which is just an image with a small text) how to add a light don’t lower the pairing periode at all.
And the pair session of Homey is pretty long, as in 3 minutes long (and you can also start it with your smartphone, very near the device), so have a feeling this isn’t about Homey.

With Zigbee2Mqtt I was able to start/open the pairing proces for 4 minutes and multiple lights would be added then if they were in pairing mode. Adding the lights happened in a split second, mostly within 10 seconds all lights would be added to Home Assistant.

So adding already installed lights which I all put in pairing mode together with decoupling power 5 times to all of them would put them all in pairing mode.

This works in Homey but by the time I want to add light 7 or 8 the pairing time of the lights is over (since the process of adding zigbee lights to Homey is quite cumbersome). Also Hue has the option to add multiple lights in one go. So for me, yes, this a Homey issue.

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Sure with other controllers you might be able to, but with Homey you can’t.
You’ll have to find another way to reset your devices then resetting them all 8 at the same time, and just reset and thus include them 1 at a time.

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This isn’t something that could be done with the web api? Or homey script?


Switch off 230V to 4 of the 8 lamps, and install the other 4 at once. Then switch on 230V and install the remaining ones.