Unable to add additional Aqara devices

I had the same problem. I resolved it by taking out the battery from the device, waiting a few seconds before inserting the again. After doing this the pairing worked as expected.

Already tried that (for days even) but did it again just now right after the 2.3.0 update… Still a no go. Only thing I can think of now is a complete reset of the ZigBee network. But this will be quite a lot of work and there’s still nog guarantee it will work… So I’m not sure what I should do next.

Okay I’m about to give the Zigbee network a total reset but cause I’m running out things to try. As a last test I tried to add my partially-eaten-by-dog-human body sensor and it added perfectly…
Magnet sensor… no
Vibration senso… also no

What the? I really don’t understand the logic of this behaviour…

Just reset the whole Zigbee network.
Added the vibration sensor with NO problems! :upside_down_face: Guess I’ve got some flow repairing to do tonight :unamused:

Go with the flow. May the force be with you.:muscle:

…I’d say: let the dog nibble on the rest of your sensors too! :rofl:

Yeah beginning to consider that… I rebuilded all my flows and added 27 devices without problems, including vibration sensors and almost all of my previous other sensors. But just as before I am at a point where I can’t add additional sensors :persevere: If I’m not mistaken it’s the same amount devices as a couple of days ago (27 including Homey). Really frustrating… But this time because of a different order in adding the devices I also can’t add one of my Innr120 plugs which makes me wonder if this isn’t just a general ZigBee issue. I have read somewhere there was some sort of ZigBee limit of 25 devices per router? Maybe the 3 connected innr plugs are not functioning correctly as a router? I’m getting lost again…

The Zigbee protocol itself doesn’t have such a limit, it depends on the hardware (/firmware) how many directly connected devices are supported. For Homey, I believe that the number that’s floating around is around 20, but it may not be a fixed number (just that around 20 devices, you may start to experience issues).

I think that the correct order would be to add router devices (like your INNR plugs) first, end devices (like sensors) last (so they can use the router devices). And perhaps wait a bit after adding the router devices, so the mesh can settle.

Hmm… I had the correct order in my previous Zigbee configuration, first 4 INNR plugs and then the rest. Now I’ve mixed them up a bit because I was so desperately trying to connect the vibration sensor, but it does not seem to be any different.

I’ve waited a few days and tried again, but sadly still not able to add either the Aqara or the last INNR plug.

Maybe just deleting and adding the routers can help, that way your mesh is renewed. Also look how many devices are added to a specific router. Good luck.

Yeah I could try that tonight. At this point according to Homey’s dev Zigbee page there are 5 devices connected via 1 router (innr120), and 18 devices directly via Homey. Apparently the other 2 routers (also innr120) are not meshing other devices which they definitely should considering the distance here. So I’m not sure if that’s totally reliable data…

Tried several things the couple weeks, but still no luck…
Contact Athom support and got the following reply:

I am afraid you ran into the limitations of our current ZigBee implementation, for which I apologise.

Development has been working on a major update for this for quite some time, and made a lot of progress, however they are not completely done yet.

I can therefore only ask for some more time so they can finish their work or advise you to switch to Z-Wave for a number of products.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Seriously? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:

I doubt that Athom will be able to increase the number of devices that can be directly connected to Homey, given that it’s a hardware limitation that other implementations using the same Zigbee SoC also suffer from.


The zigbee2mqtt firmware indeed supports 25 devices connected directly to the coordinator

@neluz: Should you still have the problem, try this:

Just curious,
is this sensor:
a) partially eaten by both a dog and a human
b) partially eaten by a dog-human (in which case: what is a dog-human?)
c) built to detect human bodies that have been partially eaten by a dog?
d) or is it simply a human body sensor, which has been partially eaten by a dog?

Just wondering, since I would love to see an actual dog-human!

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