Unable to add additional Aqara devices

I got some new Aqara (vibration) sensors today. I tried adding it as all my other sensors but this time it doesn’t work. I currently have 20 sensors connected. Already tried restarting the Xiaomi/Aqara app and Homey completely but that made no difference.
Then I deleted one of the devices (button) to test if it was a matter of too many paired devices, but also no. Also tried adding a magnet sensor which I had as spare to rule out it was just a problem with the vibration sensor, but also that sensor won’t add also.
The app only shows this and doesn’t respond to anything until timeout.

Anyone else has a clue?

How many repeater/router devices in your network?

I have four innr120 plugs.

This device has a lot of parameters working with, so it takes a long time (and many pushes on the include button) before all parameters are done, you can see the progress of the parameters on your display normally, (like 1/15 2/15 … up to 15/15 not sure if this the right amount).

Yeah but the thing is it never goes further then the attached screenshot. The same with the human body sensor so it’s not specifically with the vibration sensor…

And you are sure that the devices are Zigbee?

Yes I’m sure, they are all ZigBee.

My last suggestion, very close to Homey, but you probably tried that.

Yep :slight_smile:

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Ah, another Aqara topic. We didn’t have that.
Are u sure the led blinked 3 times when trying to add?
And no, blinking 10 times or 20 times in a row is not the 3 times u need to get to add the device.

Yeah I didn’t want to spam in the main Aqara topic…
It blinks 2 times then after a couple of sec the 3rd. Never had any issues before, it’s not my first Aqara device.

Well, that’s not the 3 times u want.

Okay but why is it doing that now? I am not doing anything other then usual.

And this topic ofc.
All about the same issue.

That topic did not show in the search results. And I also did the keep alive trick. And like I said I also can’t add the human body sensor any more which was no problem at all a couple weeks ago.

And does the led of that sensor blink 3 times?

It does the same as the vibration sensor now. Tried the keepalive trick a couple times now and 1 time it got to ‘adding device’ but in the end still timeout. Earlier I just pressed the button a couple seconds and there was an immediate reaction in the Homey app (cluster updating or something like that)…

I managed to add one of the removed mini wireless switches again. But another switch, magnet sensor or vibration sensor? Nope still not working :unamused:

I have no solution. Had the same problems as you. Tried for more than an hour and eventually succeeded. But I have no clue why. I did probably eveything you did. What i did was adding it and pushing the button 3 times, sometimes 1 time. Holding the button for 10-60 seconds Retrying to add etc etc. Eventually it worked. I had the device almost glued on top of homey.

Still no luck for me. Took them to a mate which also owns a Homey. They worked instantly :persevere: