Trying to get home kit working

things ive noticed that is
1 device not visible on apple home kit
2 turned on feature its not being broadcasted on the lan as a device any help ive entered pin number and this does not enable the device

By “device”, do you mean Homey?

Which Homekit implementation are you using?

trying to add my iphone to homey and its not working

iPhones can only act as a HomeKit controller, not a HomeKit accessory, so you can’t add your iPhone to Homey (although I don’t understand the use case of that anyway…).

i was hoping to see my homey in my phone within home kit

Okay, so you’re not trying to add your iPhone to Homey, but your Homey to your iPhone. You can use the built-in HomeKit experiment for that, or an app like HomeKitty.

turned experiment on for home kit but it does not show up after turning it on ive made a note of the Pin too

the homey is currently on wifi i ordered the ethernet card same time and due for delivery today by 9