Homey kit won't be added by code

Hi today I started using my Homey Pro

I tried to install homeykit and link it with homekit,
Sadly when I entered the code 200 20 200 it just keeps spinning around and nothing happens.

I restarted the homey, phone, homey app, homeykit app, reinstalled the homeykit app, used the homeykit reset button but nothing made it work so far.

Make sure Homey and your phone are on the same local network. If you use a WiFi mesh network, try and see if you can place both devices on the same mesh point.

Home(y)Kit works using multicast networking, and your network needs to allow this (which is usually the case, but using separate VLAN’s or something similar may cause issues).

Hi Robert,

Thx for the quick reaction. I do use multiple VLANS im going to have a look into it. thx for the info.

I do can ping the homey from my phone so the VLAN’s are connected to each other.

I just enabled Multicast and now it works :slight_smile:

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