Experiences Homeykit vs homekit experimental

Currently I’m on the new 2.0 firmware and noticed the experimental support for home kit.

Can anoyone share experiences on the differences between homeykit vs HomeKit expiremental? I’m considering switching to HomeKit experimental however since I have quite a lot of devices it will take some configuration time :slight_smile:

Homeykit works a lot better and support More devices

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I’ve still issues with HomeKit. Not programwise but network. My domotica devices are connected in another VLAN (also Homey). When I’m connected in the same VLAN there is NO issue all is working perfect! When I connected to my ‘standard’ Network it doesnt regonize homey/homeykit. Its possible to Ping / browse / samba between these vlans. What did I do wrong?

Thanks for help?

Ps. Did I denied Some protocol?

I tried Homekit experiment for a while but I found several devices never appeared, my lock always said locking and controlling some devices didn’t work. As it’s in the experimental channel I doubt there will be any haste to fix the problems.

The 3.0.1 beta HomeyKit is working much better. Everything that Home Kit supports is showing up and is controllable. I had a couple of crashes but the devs were quick to respond.

My preference therefore is HomeyKit.

The HomeKit protocol relies on IP multicast for discovery, so make sure that those packets are being passed between VLAN’s.

Oké thanks!!! Will try

Thanks! Will stick to homeykit for the time being

Hopefully we can use this topic for future comparison between app and native HomeKit support

Multicast is enabled (in unify controller, between 2 VLANS) :frowning: Result is NOK.

I also wonder if you need IGMP support, but not sure. In any case, I’m afraid it falls beyond the scope of what Homeykit can do.

No problems with Homeykit 3.0+ on Homey 2.0? I want to upgrade my homey @ home when it goes stable, but I use Homekit extensively (Homekit, not Homeykit, but I think Homeykit will work for me as well) so I really need it to work…

No problems here with homey kit v3.0.1 on Homey 2.0.0

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Just wondering if there have been any updates at all from Athom on the Homekit experimental built in version? Is there a topic for that specifically or something?

Hi there!

I am currently using Sprut‘s HomeKit app but am having trouble with my Fibaro devices. I‘d like to try HomeKit.
Do I need to remove the existing app before I can install HomeyKit?
If so, how would I do that?

Thanks a lot