Anybody used the native Apple Home support yet?

Any feedback? thinking of switching from homeykit to hopefully lighten the memory load on my homey.

My speech still doesn’t work from time to time. Assume it’s because memory is full or is leaking somemore

I use the homekit app. All my devices in Homey show up in Apple’s home app. That is big advantage of homey for me. Siri is working perfectly.
The native app didn’t work for me, so back to homekit app

I switched from Apple Homekit app to the native experimental Homekit aåå and haven`t noticed any difference at all yet (switched for a couple of weeks ago and use it every day)

Can you use it from outside the home network with Homekit? Or do you have to use the Homey app itself then… (without an AppleTV working as hub to the internet)?

If you don’t have a Homekit hub, you can’t use Homekit from outside your home network.