Homeykit only work on WiFi since update to homey Pro

I have purchased a new homey Pro and since I changed the box homeykit do not work if I m not connected to the local WiFi .all items are not responding in Apple home .
It used to work fine before .I have tried erasing homeykit and reinstall all devices but still the same
Please help :wink:
Homey on its own works fine even if not on WiFi. .
Thxs Fabrice.

If it works locally, it’s not a problem with Homeykit but with your Home hub (iPad/Apple TV). Try switching the “Act as Home Hub” setting on it off and back on.

If that doesn’t work, you may be able to trigger a reset by changing the “bridge identifier” in the Homeykit app settings.

Hi …fast answer …! Many Thxs. I Didn’t think about that one … I have just checked and it seem to work with an old iPad which was set as a concentrator . I may need to relocate Apple TV or reset as you mentioned .
Many Thxs again for great support as it is definitely the track to follow .

And Many Thxs as well for the App it is just great to be able to use Siri with Homey

Kind regards