Trouble with update to v3.0.0(Brick :( )

Hello, I have a trouble after updating the homey. After pressing update the homey ring turn black and thats it. No signs of life at all. I waited about 2 hours, then PTP homey, no changes. For now homey showing only black ring(leds off) and i can hear a little noise from speaker. What should i do?

Replace the adapter for a suitable adapter of 2.1A minimum and wait 15 minutes to put it back in.

Thnx but didnt work. Changed adapter, 5V 3A, everything the same :frowning:

U tried that within 4 minutes?

No, i tried it before. When PTP, I also changed the adapter, forgot to mention this, sorry.

Have you tried replacing the usb cable?

Changed cable and adapter. No changes.

What colours did homey show during power on?
Have you tried starting Homey upside down already?

No colors, the ring is off, completely black. Turning homey upside down nothing changes.

Same here. Red ring ever since I updated.

Pulled the plug and after that again red ring. Upside down has no effect.

Sounds like what happened when I upgraded from v1 to v2, which resulted in me having to send Homey back to Athom because it got bricked :frowning:

I contacted Athom and that’s exactly what I’m ought to do now…

That means losing all flows etc?

Afraid so…

Now I’m afraid to do the update. Do I need to keep my homey in V2 until a new patch is out ?
Is it possible to do a backup of the homey, do the update, and if it fails come back in V2 ?
Thanks for your answer

As far as I know, this issue hasn’t been confirmed by Athom, so I don’t think there will be a patch. Like I said, when I upgraded from v1 to v2, my Homey also got bricked and had to be sent back, and I wasn’t the only one. It could be that the common issue of the power supply slowly breaking down may manifest itself during the upgrade procedure, causing the procedure to crash/fail. Which during firmware upgrades is about the worst that can happen.

As far as I know, once you have started the v3 update process you can’t go back to v2.

Are the power supply issues restricted to 2018 and earlier models. Or does this problem occurs to early 2019 models to?