Trashcan Reminder 2.0

Please share your flow, otherwise it is hard to guess.

Debug overview, tomorrow “rest” will be picked up.

I have tested it here but seems to work just fine. For some reason the flowcard is not successful. Did you enter the dates manually or using the API?

I used the API. The flow worked for many years, not sure why it broke now.

A logical explanation would be that the date/time of your Homey is off, but then you would probably have more issues with other flows.

To be sure I checked the current date and time and that’s ok.

And you are using the latest version of the app?

I believe it’s a RMN thing. I still have the cached dates in the debug info, but when I try to save the stored postal code / house number I get an error message. (Not my real postal code / nr in the screens for privacy)

I believe it has to do with the official RMN app/site being replaced with a Mendix app which also broke the iCal feeds they formerly supported. I don’t known where the app got the RMN data from, but when the source is gone it’s probably hard to support it.