Trashcan Reminder 2.0

Please share your flow, otherwise it is hard to guess.

Debug overview, tomorrow “rest” will be picked up.

I have tested it here but seems to work just fine. For some reason the flowcard is not successful. Did you enter the dates manually or using the API?

I used the API. The flow worked for many years, not sure why it broke now.

A logical explanation would be that the date/time of your Homey is off, but then you would probably have more issues with other flows.

To be sure I checked the current date and time and that’s ok.

And you are using the latest version of the app?

I believe it’s a RMN thing. I still have the cached dates in the debug info, but when I try to save the stored postal code / house number I get an error message. (Not my real postal code / nr in the screens for privacy)

I believe it has to do with the official RMN app/site being replaced with a Mendix app which also broke the iCal feeds they formerly supported. I don’t known where the app got the RMN data from, but when the source is gone it’s probably hard to support it.

@Wasdroger I still use version 3. 2.3 and here are also no cards for the IF and the THEN part of the flow.
Only for the card AND.
For example.
IF time is…
AND Afval Herinnering…
Then Timeline…


My bad, you’re right. Changed a few things around here and thought my flows were different.

Who wants to share a working advanced flow?

I suppose you live in Almere? Then you can choose for the “almere afval kalender ”. Works fine for me.

It is not advanced, but is a very simple flow.

This was due to the API being changed to support house number extensions for RD4.
Thanks @RobertRaaijmakers for fixing this in the latest release.
I would love to show more appreciation but I do not use Paypal. If there is another means… please send me a PM.

Hmmmm… finally have Trashcan Reminder with HP2023 for RD4.
I have created a flow to test the tags, but I get unexpected results “NOTHING” is collected at all times. Can anyone reproduce this?

The flow:

The result:


The date: 2023-09-21

The expected result would be: “REST”, but as you can see it shows “NIETS/NOTHING”

The strange thing is that it does trigger the “and” card that ANY will be collected, otherwise it would not even log anything.
I just tested it and works exactly as it should. Maybe there is something wrong in the configuration of the app in the translations?

Hi @Jo_San

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m not sure it is related to that.

These are my configs:


It is using the exact string I have configured for Nothing: “NIETS”. Which is the literal text I configured. But I don’t think the app should have triggered this text.

In my logs I can see that on the date of the REST trash, the log is written, however, the tags “collected today/tomorrow/day-after-tomorrow” consistently hold the text NIETS. I have had this 2x already; one time for PMD, and now for REST.

So it seems that it finds a matching entry in the JSON on the correct dates, but the mapping to the text seems incorrect. I suspect a bug but cannot be sure. Open to suggestions…

Strange… Are you using 3.2.8?

Maybe it’s a language related issue, as it does work for me. Maybe you could try setting your homey language to Dutch and see if it works then? That way you could pinpoint or rule out a language issue.