Trashcan Reminder 2.0

On v3.2.8.

  • using a classic flow, things work as expected.
  • using an advanced flow, things work incorrectly
    Not sure whether cards in advanced flows behave differently…
    Will report to Robert Raaijmakers in git.

So here is some more info (shared via github with Arie):

  • when triggering at 0:01, the flow fails expectations and returns “niets/nothing” on the right dates.
  • when triggering at 1:01, the flow succeeds by returning “GFT/BEST/REST” etc. on the right dates.

As it turns out, there seems to be an issue with how locales are treated. This is now understood by Arie. He will be looking into this bug later.

Nothing wrong with the flow, just with the App author’s expectations. He will take a look into this in due time.

For now I will trigger the flow at 1:01am and I am happy.

Just FYI.

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Time zone or summer time issue?

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@ The Developer: Could someone add: Gemeente Westland Afvalkalender to the homey app?

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Dates for GFT are:

But no message today, so test also with result no pick-up (but the date is in the list):

This with Cyclus.