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As I found the options of @Aybert’s Ecovacs app didn’t fit my needs I decided to see what I could do to extend the app, of course with his consent. This version was mainly developed for my T9+ model, but it will very likely work well with other models too, since it runs on the same great libraries that @Aybert runs, that was developed by mrbungle64 (Sascha). A big thanks to both of them!

If people are willing to test this app, please do! Let me know how your model behaves with this app, and if there is anything that I can add to fit your needs.

For now the following options are added:

This triggercard is triggered when your Deebot has completed a cleaning command. It offers the following token:

  • Time of completion
  • Reason for stopping
  • Type of cleaning
  • Whether or not the mop was attached
  • An image token with the latest clean log

Beside this card there are triggercards for:

  • Batterycharging state changed
  • Location (room) changed
  • Current operation change


This actioncard lets your command your Deebot to clean multiple romms at once. If you know your room-id’s you can enter them manually, or you can tick the token symbol to add the rooms you want to clean by there token. Just enter a < in the filter field, and select the (multiple) tokens of your rooms. The old card where you can select a single room from the dropdown menu is still available btw.

Beside this card there are action cards for:

  • Start cleaning all rooms
  • Temporary pause cleaning
  • Resume cleaning when paused
  • Return to dock
  • Empty the dustbin
  • Run a “raw” vacbot.run() command (ecovacs-deebot.js Wiki)

Conditioncards are available for

  • Mop is attached or not
  • Autoempty is enabled/disable
  • The current map is a specific map

As far as I can tell you can run this app besides @Aybert’s app, although triggercards from both apps might (no will) be triggered.

I deleted the on/off capability as I didn’t need it, it has been replaced but “Start cleaning all rooms” and “Return to dock”.

If you want localisation for you own language please send me translations for the various strings by PM.


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