Trashcan reminder

Can someone add to the app?

Its the same as cyclus and rmn etc.

Please read the apps readme, it explains in detail :

If your city is not supported you can always add your schedule manually. You can add new cities yourself, but requests to add new cities aren’t honoured. If you wish to contribute to the project (for example by adding support for a city). I would advise you to take a look at this explanation.

I saw it, thanks! But I have zero experience in this, so I thought maybe someone can help me. Especially because its the same as some other supported websites like I mentioned.:innocent:

Is there someone who wants to help me ?


Why did I never see this app, it is genius!
Can someone tell me though, why isn’t there a “when” card for it? How would I start the app? time based?
And the tag isn’t about tomorrow right? only about the trash collected today?

I have mine set at a specific time, one for ‘today’ and one for ‘tomorrow’, but I created flows for all different kind of trashcans so it can send me the message for ‘tomorrow’.

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I seem to be unable to get the “Tomorrow any trash is picke dup” working.
I made "when"22 o clock, and trash is picked up tomorrow " then send notification… but that doesn’t work

If it still helps, here is an example flow with explenation on how to set it up for today, tomorrow etc.: How to flow with Trashcan Reminder 2.0 | com.trashchecker

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