Trashcan Reminder 2.0

I am a happy user of the trashcan reminder app but the last weeks it doesnt work anymore…
Am I the only one with this problem?
I have restart the app en restart homey.
In settings I have data in the debug part:

But when I test the flow it shows the following sign:

Any suggestions on what to do next?

I have the same issue.
Do you use Afvalwijzer?

There is a bug report at the moment:
But nobody to fix it.

You get the exclamation if the condition is not met, if there’s no garbage collected today. If you inverse the cards, I expect them to give green checkmarks.

Ah, i didn’t see that one… yes i use Afvalwijzer.
I dont think i can help with fixing a bug so ik will wait untill someone has time tot fix it.

Thanks, but the problem is that there was collection of paper that day…
but i will wait for someone to fix it as stated at github.

Same problem here, doesnt work anymore

It didn’t work for me either. Untill it works again I made 3 flows to remind me. Hereby one example

Hoi homey’s
Is er reeds feedback van de app mogelijk voor België namelijk Kwaadmechelen?

Reeds bedankt guys

Same issue here, the app always returns that nothing is collected today.
I’m using the DeAfvalApp, can see the list with all collection dates for the entire year.
So the data seems fine, it’s just the data parsing that goes wrong.

I translated the app to the Swedish language and made a pull request about it on github. :slight_smile:

Same issue with ROVA.

Since a few months, the app does not give me any reminders anymore.
I have linked with RD4 and the app indicates I have a valid address.
In the settings info inside the app I can see pickup dates for various kinds of trash, for example today and tomorrow.
However the flow cards don’t allow me to show any sensible reminders.
As an example, I trigger every day, filter on ‘trash to collect Tomorrow / Any type’ and then post a notification. This does not delivery any results anymore.
When I chat with Homey, the device indicates the next trash is collected in 366 days , where, according to the data in the setup page of the App, today and tomorrow (e.g. 17.9.2020 and 18.9.2020) GFT and PMD is collected.
Could there be a bug or is it me? Seems like a parsing issue with the ‘year’ value.

I tested the app by manually adding tomorrow’s date.

When the date is added manually, the date format is YYYY-MM-DD but my automatic RD4 delivered data is DD-MM-YYYY format.

When tomorrow’s date is recorded in the debug info as “2020-09-22” then the App works.
When tomorrow’s date is recorded in the debug info as “22-09-2020” then the App does not work.

I suspect the date format is the cause of the issue.

I have posted a bug report here:

Hope it will get fixed by someone

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My setup has been fixed. Thank you very much!

Hi, will the trashcan reminder app be compatible with Homey v5?

Hi @willumpie
This app works in Homey V5.

Hio there,

nice app!

any chance to implement Omrin as a trash disposal company?
They handle the garbage in the north of the netherlands.



Since version 3.07 and 3.08 the garage collection for gemeente Hellendoorn does not work anymore. I get unkown address now. The API is not changed or anything, because other systems such as afvalwijzer (HA) are still working.

I also tried the API’s using Postman and its still working fine.

And idea way it is not working anymore?


Did some more friday afternoon code diving…

Problem is, that the Gemeente Hellendoorn afval app uses the url/FQDN: I checked this with the IOS app and this is the url its using. This url is also working in Postman.

The url/FQDN you are using in your code: does not work for gemeente Hellendoorn.

Gr. Remco